Rockin' Rings to Beat the Summer Heat

On my last post I wrote about my two choices for summer hoops, so today I will tackle the subject of rings.  My three favorite rings this season are the "Gia" in white agate and black diamonds, the "Sebrine" in beachy coral and white diamonds, and last but not least the "Frida" ring in white agate and pink sapphires. 

First up is the "Gia" ring, which I have updated for this season by taking on the black and white trend.  This ring was previously in tiger eye and yellow gold, but for summer I gave it a make-over.  Now don't think for a second that because this ring is part of my summer collection that it is not versatile.  Au contraire, the black and white combination makes it a perfect transitional piece to be worn all winter long. 

This ring is my rock and roll ring for sure.  It's clean lines were inpsired by modernist architecture and the DaDa period of modern art. As a matter of fact, my main objective with this piece was to be able to bring to the Dani K woman a ring that was not just a statement, but also a very clear piece of wearable art.  Something sophisticated and edgy, that will strike up a conversation anywhere it was worn. Mission accomplished. 

My next ring is the "Frida" ring, originally one of the pieces in my "Wanderlust" collection.  This time I have updated it to reflect a calm femininity which was not the original intention.  As you can see with the name, the "Frida" was inspired by artist Frida Kahlo and it was, liker her paintings, conceived to be bold, powerful and though provoking. Lucky for me I can have it both ways. It's amazing how something in a different material can look have two way different vibes. 

And speaking of vibes,, how well does the "Frida" vibe with the "Miami" super chunky link bracelet in pink sapphires and rose gold?  Put this two pieces together and some hot hoops and you are on trend and ready to go conquer the world.

I really love it with a strong nail polish like the modern classic "Vamp" shade from Chanel. I still remember back in the 90's when that color came out, along with the lipstick, and mom's everywhere where like nooooo to the almost-black wine color. The lipstick was not such a great idea, but the nail polish remained until this day as one of the modern colors for women. I have seen in from Bali, to Park Avenue to Mexico city. A true classic!

My third pick is the ever popular "Sebrine," which I had done in turquoise in the past for summer, but have re-invented in coral for 2013.   Coral is a wonderful gem to work with because it has interesting history. Coral is among the most ancient of gem materials, used for adornment since pre-historic times. Coral is an organic gem, calcium carbonate with a trace of carotene, deposited by tiny sea creatures living in the depths of warm seas in huge colonies. It grows in branches that look like underwater trees. The hard skeleton of red coral branches, which is naturally matte, is polished to a glassy shine.

Since ancient times, Coral gemstone has been given recognition by all astrologers. Coral gemstones should be worn by soldiers, policemen, electricians, surgeons, players and the workers of ordinance factory. It is useful for enhancing self-confidence, administrative capability and the power of utilizing the rights in social & political spheres . It is beneficial in deals involving buying and selling of land and properties. Coral gemstones is said to prevent abortion, fever, piles, impotency, typhus, smallpox etc. Children can be saved from diseases like rickets and stomach ache, by wearing coral mala or beads around their necks. The use of coral oxide with honey makes one strong and with betel leaf, the coral paste cures the man from cough and the heart disease.

Coral gems are both soft and porous and hence they should only be wiped clean with moist cloth. Avoid chemicals, cosmetics & ultrasonic cleaners. Be careful about chemicals in hairspray, cosmetics, or perfume because they might change the color of the surface or ruin your amazing piece.

Hope you loved my rockin' rings for summer. Keep coming back for more because I have many other pieces I want to share with you, plus some fun wedding pictures and stories.

Love Always

Dani K

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