Bangles and Baguettes

One of the biggest trends in jewelry right now are baguette cut diamonds.  I happen to love working with this cut, so it was only natural that I designed these pieces, both the "Celestial" bangles in 18kt tri-color gold, and the spectacular matching hoops, with baguettes on the brain. 

Take a look at these incredible bangle-style bracelets above and tell me you don't want to automatically have them, on your arm, elegantly dangling and sparkling, this very second. Bangles are always fun, but these diamond bangles, with celestial cut outs on the side take this style of bracelet to another level. 

Baguette cut diamonds get their name due to their unusual elongated shape, and the French word "baguette," (yes like the bread) which translates to "long rod." This cut became popular in the 1920's and 30's because, like with most trends, it mirrored what was going on in art and architecture. The style of the time was very geometric and modern, and this was part of the fashion reaction to the Bauhaus and De Stijl movements that were sweeping Europe and America at the time. 

Originally used in costume jewelry, baguette cut diamonds were the perfect cut for Art Deco and Art Nouveau jewels that were adorning the very fashionable and modern women in the early 20th Century.  The cut is rectangular in shape, and similar to an emerald cut, but smaller. Due to its smaller size, it is not measured in carats but rather by its dimensional size. 

When I am choosing the diamonds for my pieces I always make sure that their quality is exceptional. Baguette cut diamonds usually have 14 facets (more than an emerald cut), and show more of the flaws than other cuts.  As you can see the simple 18kt rose gold hoops below are pretty much flawless, and would look amazing on any woman. 

I designed these to complement the "Celestial" bangle trio above.  Having a set like these (bangles and hoops of course) would very a great addition to any jewelry collection and wardrobe. The bangles are very elegant, and their delicate cut outs of celestial beings are sure to be seen as something very special. The diamond baguettes on both pieces are just the icing on the sparkly cake.

An amazing complement to any outfit, I have created these pieces with both form and function in mind.  Like all of my jewels, these have the Daniella Kronfle woman firmly behind them, always confident and always adorned.  Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a lovely and safe weekend.

Love Always
Dani K  

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