Tri-Color Gold: An Amazing Comeback

Ever since Cartier introduced their Trinity Ring in 1924 the the world has been captivated by the combination of yellow, white and rose gold. As a jewelry fanatic I am no different than any of you, so of course, I have loved this ring and the tri-color combination since I laid eyes on it. 

To celebrate their 100th anniversary in the US, Cartier released a special edition Trinity ring with diamonds.  I loved the combination so I decided to use it for my latest tri-color gold creation, this beautiful set of earrings and ring shown above and below.  Just look at the beautiful glistening flowers and leaves.  My photos can do no justice to these fantastic pieces, which are so amazing up close and in person. 

After deciding on rose, yellow and white gold, and diamonds (naturally) for these new pieces, I thought of Marie Antoinette and her love for over top everything.  I even came across the Sofia Coppola movie from a few years back, which really took a fun and poetic look at the life of this crazy monarch.   The film, with its lavish fondant-like scenery and musical montages, was a great starting point for bringing these traditional pieces to today's modern woman.  Like Coppola, I was fascinated with the young royal's quick ascension to the crown at such a young age, and how she was (or wasn't) able to handle the pressure. 

Something that I wanted to convey with this flower and leave motif, was a feeling that these beautiful ring and earrings were not only fit for a queen, but completely accessible to someone who is very much a woman of 2012. I also wanted them to be like a piece of jewelry you might have received from a beloved grandmother, something of such lovely detail and craftsmanship that it could have only existed in another time. 

This wonderful set is truly something special.  The amount of work that went into creating such artistic pieces is immeasurable, and can only be appreciated at the sight of the finished product, especially if its in your very own hands and ears.  The tri-color gold combination is the perfect medium for such a project because it allows for the piece to have more depth that it would if it only was made of one color. Working with the three colors allowed me to create something literal and then add the diamonds to make it sublime, elegant, and tres chic.  

With the meteoric rise of rose gold this year, and with it being the most trendy precious metal out there right now, the combination of rose, white and yellow gold is gearing up for a comeback.  I for one like to be ahead of the trends, and after many years in this business am fortunate enough to be able to predict them.  This gorgeous French inspired set is proof of that. 

If you are looking to buckle the trends and maybe even to be ahead of them, try the tri-color gold combo.  You can get new pieces or even mix and match your own.  Whatever way you choose make sure it feels like you when you are wearing it, and you will be as good as gold. 

Love Always
Dani K

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