The Minimalism of Victoria Beckham

I was watching the closing ceremony for the Olympics yesterday and I was very amused by the reunion of 90's super group and queens of girl power, the Spice girls. Their performance was great, too. What I was more surprised about was seeing the unthinkable: Victoria Beckam back to her (much despised I believe) alter ego Posh Spice. Amazing.

I really did get a little excited when I saw the girls back together because I really never expected that to happen, mostly because as all of the members, except for Victoria Beckam, have continued to pursue their singing careers, she had chosen fashion and never again hit the stage. I guess that explains why she was a little wooden compared to the rest, who really did seem like seasoned performers. But that's because they are.

Anyway, all of this Spice Girls fandom got me to thinking, is there anyone else today who exemplifies modern glamour and minimalism more than the former Posh Spice, a.k.a. Mrs. David Beckham? She might have some competition in Tilda Swinton, but seeing that Swinton's thing is more of an androgynous style, the answer is no.  So let's crown her, at least today, the day after her return to the stage via Olympic closing ceremony, the minimalism empress. 

Posh Spice started out her mini empire by collaborating with designers and posing in fashion ads with her hubby.  She got to know a lot of a the business and a lot of they key players in fashion.  She made it to the front of the shows and became a sort of post 90's icon, from WAG to Riches, always dressed by the best and looking fierce. After her reputation was established, she launched her dresses, that are pretty much made for her, and the rest is fashion history. 

VB, after one her of fashion shows

Her very English style is also very feminines and elegant, and her choice of jewels and accessories is always flawless. Here is her signature emerald ring, which she has worn numerous times on the red carpet. 

If this a look you are into check out my citrine solitaire ring below, which is also surrounded by diamonds and makes just the right amount of noise, for day or night.

Gorgeous citrine solitaire ring, in18kt yellow gold
and surrounded by beautiful white diamonds.

Flawless is definitely an great way to describe her unique style.  Even though I do love a girl that wears a of jewelry, I also admire someone who wears only the essentials because choosing this look can be very complicated.  Her restricted jewelry statements are even more of a way of saying something, of complementing a dress in a chic and unobtrusive way, than about the jewels themselves.

Victoria is often photographed wearing beautiful and big solitaire diamond earrings. She is quite petite so this suits her phenomenally. Nothing is worse than a woman who lets the jewels wear her and not the other way around. 

I think in order to keep things clean and unobtrusive, her rings have become her one elegant signature statement. It's important to note that even though her clothes are quite modern her jewelry (other than some McQueen costume jewels she often wears) is all very traditional and very complementary to the architectural lines of the clothes that she wears and designs.  Here is her other signature ring, this time in sapphire.

Here is my interpretation of this fabulous look, but this time in the world's rarest gem, Paraiba tourmaline. 

Daniella Kronfle statement ring in
cabochon cut Paraiba solitaire, surrounded by
diamonds and aquamarines, handmade in 18kt gold. 

Although I would love to see her in more daring pieces like my black onyx statement ring, or my brand new Vipera ring, which are all very minimalist in their design. I understand that VB has found her style and she has made a commitment. And that is the thing about style.  Once you find what works for you, then you make it your own and stick to it. 

Black onyx statement ring from my Wanderlust Collection,
in rose gold, champagne diamonds and white diamonds.

Diamond Vipera ring, with emerald eyes, and
handmade in 18kt gold.
Hope you had a great time and enjoyed the Olympic events and ceremonies with your nearest and dearest.  I did, and it was exciting, exhausting and campy all at the same time.  Till next time.

Love Always
Dani K

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