Charmed, I'm Sure

In all my years creating jewelry, none of my designs have acquired such a following as my eponymous Charmed Collection.

Papillon necklace in Rose Quartz and diamonds
Cuore necklace in Amazonite and diamonds
both handmade in 18kt rose gold

Cuore earrings in White Agate and black diamonds
Papillon earings in rose quartz and black diamonds

Slowly but surely gaining cult status, these iconic pieces have taken the world of jewelry design by storm making them a must have among fashionable women everywhere. Here are two of my favorite it girls wearing their lucky charms.

TV personality and Univision red carpet host
Chiqui Delgado in  my Cuore necklace in Onyx, diamonds and
18kt rose gold.

Fashion designer (far rignt) Gabriela Cadena with models Coco Rocha
and Selita Eubanks in Cannes ready for a gala.
Gabriela is wearing my Cuore necklace in Navy quartz.

What started with a simple Cuore, or heart design necklace, followed by the Papillon or butterfly design, is now a full fledged collection which includes earrings, necklaces of different sizes and many different gemstone combinations. The original gems were amazonite, rose quartz, and onyx, and we slowly added all of the beautiful gemstones you see here, which include cornaline, mint quartz, rutilated quartz, mother of pearl, indigo and navy quartz, malachite, tiger eye and white agate. 

Cuore in most of our gemstone combinations

Papillon in most of our gemstone combinations

This year, at the launch of my latest collection Radiant Orchid, I unveiled the newest gemstones, a departure from the classic multicolored quartz pieces. For the new additions to my Charmed Collection pieces, I stuck to the original two designs, but added two new gems: amethyst and opalose quartz. Both of these stones bring a modern elegance to the earrings and necklaces because they are clear, unlike the gems I had used in the past. 

Cuore necklace in Amethyst

Cuore earrings in Opalose Quartz
Papillon earrings in Amethyst

Papillon necklace in Opalose Quartz

As usual they are finished with fabulous white diamonds, and the setting and chain are 18kt rose gold. Rose gold is very popular right now because of how great it looks on every skin tone. I love the combination of pink and purple, so I chose them together because they are very complementary to each other. if you are thinking how awesome these two look together, its because I designed it that way. 

Better together:
Small Cuore necklace in amethyst
Large Papillon necklace in opalose quartz

My jewels and designs are not just beautiful and fun to wear, they also have to have a deeper meaning, something spiritual behind their inspiration. For these pieces I chose the heart which is universal for love and the butterfly which with its team of rebirth and new life, has always been part of my designs.  Together these two beautiful themes take these fabulous earrings and necklace to another level.

More of the classics:
Top Left: Papillon necklace in Rose Quartz and Amazonite
Top right: Cuore in Amazonite, Mint Quartz and Cornaline
Botton left: Papillon earrings in Rose Quartz and black diamonds
Bottom right: Cuore necklace in Navy Quartz
All are handmade in 18Kt gold

If you decide to live the charmed life, I invite you to take a closer look at the entire collection. Please stop by my store in downtown Miami's legendary Seybold Building, or if you happen to be in Guayaquil, check us out at Riocentro Samborondon. We would love to see you. If you want immediate assistance you can reach us at (305) 374.7092. 

Love Always

Dani K

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