The Jewels of The 2014 Latin Grammy Awards

On November in Las Vegas, Nevada, the most influential Latinos in the world of music gathered to celebrate the annual Latin Grammy Awards. On this night, I had the privileged of styling the jewels for the two most important women on the green carpet, Grammy host Jacky Bracamontes and green carpet host Chiquinquira Delgado.

Even though I have bejeweled these beauties for other events before, it is always an important feat. After all, the entire world is watching, and the choices made will stick with us at least until next year. Taking all of these things in consideration we start the process a few weeks in advance. I go to fittings, we exchange phone calls and ideas, and we settle on a few different options before finally picking "The One."

Above are two behind the scenes shots of Jacky being fitted by designer Nicolas Felizola. We always have such fun at these fittings. Her dress was made of a one of a kind fabric, so it was important that the jewels were very unique as well. For this gorgeous yellow look, we chose two very clean pieces, with architectural details, much like those in Jacky's dress.

Her earrings and matching statement ring are part of my Ombre collection, which uses different colored gems to create a beautiful degrade design. For her yellow dress, we went with a palet of bright yellow and fire sapphires, beautifully handset in 18kt yellow gold. 

For her green carpet look, Chiqui also coincidentally chose a yellow gown, hers by designer Angel Sanchez.  If I had planed on having two girls in yellow on the carpet I would not have been able to do so so successfully. And yet, when I saw the fabric of Chiqui's dress I was nervous. Two gorgeous women wearing the same color! What to do? How do we set them apart? Well the solution was all in the jewels. 

For Chiqui we went a completely different route. Instead of choosing jewels in the same color family, we went with a high fashion, high contrast idea, and chose pieces from my "Wanderlust" collection in turquoise and black diamonds. The results were spectacularly stunning.  

People forget the importance of accessories, and in this case, jewelry. As I said, jewels were what was going to make or break these entire looks. It was the jewels that kept them from being two similarly yellow dresses, and made each dress stand out on their own. No wonder they were both awarded best dressed by People magazine and its readers. What an honor!

Since Jacky was the host, she had many outfit changes through the night, and for this gorgeous number by Nicolas Felizola, we chose a brand new ring from my Radiant Orchid collection, and diamond drop earrings. 

Notice the oversize Amethyst in a deep purple color. This one of a kind ring boasts a near perfect gemstone and a lovely filigree design with handset diamonds. Gorgeous and Unique!

Chiqui and Jacky were a dream to work with, and I feel happy everyday that I get to be a part of such important events such as this one. Hope you enjoyed my coverage of this years' Latin Grammy Awards. I certainly enjoyed working on this project with these two amazing women, each super talented in their own right. 

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Love always,

Dani K

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