Sliced Diamonds: Natural And Organic

A unique  approach to precious stones, Sliced Diamonds bring a new perspective to the world of Haute Joallerie. 

When working on my RADIANT ORCHID COLLECTION, which I unveiled this week, I relied heavily on sliced diamonds in different tones of dove gray and rose. I have set them with 18kt rose gold in the warmest of shades, as well as a cool 18kt white gold which you can see in the picture of my signature rings above.

The cuff above is a perfect example of how sliced diamonds complement modern design perfectly. All of the pictures am showing in this post are of the amazing pieces in my new collection. Every one of these was designed to  highlight the true beauty of the sliced diamond, and this translates perfectly in my signature RADIANT ORCHID ear climbers below.

Romantic and indestructible, the sliced diamond offers a modern and youthful take that was missing in fine jewelry.I have been designing with diamonds since the beginning of my career, and one of the most fundamental elements in fine jewelry has always been this most precious of gems.  

But what is a slice? From one of my favorite blogs, Diamond Love:

"“Slices” of diamonds are lit­er­ally as their name implies—a “slice” from the precious rock. Typically two-dimensional with smooth edges and flat top and bot­tom, light sim­ply passes through the slices, often expos­ing its unique flaws (inclusions). Dia­mond slices may be polished on both sides for added shine."

I usually design my pieces, using both traditional faceted, and sliced diamonds. I think that they work very well together in that they have elements that balance each other out. Here are two great examples straight from my unveiling...

What do you think of my use of sliced diamonds in my new collection? Leave me your answer in the comments. I love hearing from you.

Love Always

Dani K

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