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I had mentioned before that I was fortunate to have some beautiful women wear my jewels to the Latin Billboard Awards in Coral Gables on April 26.  Here is Venezuelan-American actress Sonya Smith in some of my pieces. 

Sonya is diamond solitaire hoops by
Daniella Kronfle Jewely
Sonya is a big fan of my jewelry and has worn it before on the red carpet.  For this year's Latin Billboard Awards, Sonya complemented her sparkly Rosita Hurtado dress with gorgeous solitaire diamond hoops and a matching diamond ring. Her Veronica Lake hair and subdued makeup was done by the super talented Emilio Uribe. 

When I'm doing a red carpet look such as Sonya's, the stylists and I have to make sure that the jewels are flawless.  Every dress has different design elements and we are always careful in our selection process.  The jewelry must never overpower the gown, yet it still has to be significant enough to look stunning in pictures and complement the dress, hair and makeup. In other words, the entire look has to work together in order for it to seem effortless. 

A lot goes into completing a red carpet look, even if you are working with someone so good-looking and professional as Sonya Smith.  All the details have to be just right, in addition to the fact that the look must last for an entire evening of paparazzi, hosting, and interviews. 

At this year's Billboards, Sonya's fashion choices paid off, and she looked amazing in her glamorous pink gown by Rosita Hurtado.  TV viewers must have agreed since she was voted one of the best dressed by the readers of People in Espanol's online version.  Her dress was sexy, her styling divine and her jewels were flawless, so I think she truly deserves the honor. Go Sonya!

Love Always
Dani K

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