Perfect Present: Mother's Day Edition

I'm a total momma's girl, so this coming Mother's Day weekend is a special one for my mom and me. My relationship with my mother Marjorie Adum is very important because she is not just my mom, but also my mentor and inspiration. 

I knew I was  going to be a jewelry designer at a very young age partly due to all the time we spent together in her jewelry store, Marge, in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  I learned so much from her, and even though we have special times together, I usually try to indulge my mother with something different on this festive day. On today's post I will show you some great gift ideas for every type of mom.

Classic Mom:  If your mom is more Jackie O than Frida Kahlo, then a great choice for her would be pearls. You can either go for a traditional strand of pearls or a more modern interpretation of them.  Either way, she will be thrilled to find any of these pieces in her jewelry box come Sunday morning.

The epitome of elegance:
Gorgeous convertible pearl necklace with rock crystal
and diamond pendant.  Handmade in 18k yellow gold.

A reinvented classic:
black and white pearls go modern with black gold
and pink sapphires in this beautiful design from
Wanderlust collection.

Fashion Mom:  Always a trendsetter, this mom loves to be in style.  Someone who loves fashion usually loves color and unique pieces. They also are a bit more daring and don't mind that their jewelry is a little more daring or even outrageous. If your momma is into fashion, I recommend a piece in a unique gemstone such as sliced diamonds which are hot right now. 

Fabulous Papillon ring in 18kt yellow gold and
sliced diamond wings.  His eyes are ruby and his body
is also made of sparkly diamonds.

Modern Mom: This is someone who appreciates a beautiful piece of jewelry but is not over the top. A piece with clean lines and a functional design is best. I like this set of beautiful earrings and ring from my Wanderlust collection because they are the perfect marriage between function and form.  Added bonus: these beautiful pieces can be worn alone or together creating a variety of looks for different occasions. 

Sleek and chic:
Stunning black onyx earrings and ring, in rose gold,
diamonds and sapphires.

Edgy Mom: This type of mama reminds me of Angelina Jolie or Gwen Stefani.  Edgy mom favors one of a kind pieces and original designs that are powerful and delicate at the same time.  She shows her wild side with animal motifs and rock and roll inspired pieces and funky jewelry. If this describes your mom, I recommend this panther bracelet in 18kt pink gold and diamonds.  Vavavavoom!

It's only rock and roll but I like it!
Loving this beautiful solid gold panther bracelet,
covered in diamonds, with ruby eyes, this piece
will enchant your edgiest mamacita.

If none of these describe your mom, or if you are a little confused, giving her a piece of your heart is a great way to go.  This beautiful necklace below symbolizes love in a very intentional way.  I designed it in Tiger's eye because it is a very versatile gemstone, suiting all skin tones and tastes.  

A gift for every mom:
Gleaming diamonds surround this Tiger's eye heart,
which dangles exquisitely from a chain, handmade
in 18kt rose gold.
I hope this little guide has been helpful, at least in giving you an idea for a present.  Like I said before my mother has been such a great guide for me in my business and in life, and I just don't know where I would be without her.  Here's to all the mom's out there! Cheers and Happy Mother's Day!

Love Always 
Dani K

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