Bling of the Month: Emerald

Happy May my gems! This year is going by so fast!  Why it was only yesterday when the bling of the month was garnet back in January, and now here we are already talking about one of my first loves, the always classic, always popular emerald for May.  Anyway here goes...

Emerald is a variety of the mineral beryl and gets its coveted green coloring from amounts of chromium and vanadium.  Their hue can vary from yellowish green to blueish green, but only the gemstones that are a perfect medium to dark green are considered emeralds. Light-toned gems of the species are known specifically as green beryl, and also made into beautiful jewels.

But today is all about the emerald, its properties, its magic and its lore.  As far a properties goes, the emerald subscribes to same 4 C's as the diamond: cut, color, clarity and crystal. When dealing with colored gemstones, normally color is the most important property, however when it comes to emeralds both color and crystal are just as important. A fine emerald must posses not only a pure verdant green hue, but also a a high degree of transparency to be considered a top gem.

These earrings and ring I just designed are a great example of high quality emeralds. Their rich color and beautiful cut was the first inspiration when it came to creating the design.  As an artist, sometimes before I even start working I have a clear vision of a piece, but with these pieces I had a very special set of gems first and the design came later.

Their beautiful pear cut, lent itself quite nicely to create these stunning drop- shaped earrings, while at the same time, if reversed,  making for a gorgeous cocktail ring. The earrings are surrounded by white diamonds, while the post has the added surprise of being a yellow diamond solitaire.  The matching ring, which can be worn together or separate, is also surrounded by diamonds. Both pieces are set in 18kt yellow gold.

Many of the worlds most stunning beauties have worn emeralds: Liz Taylor, Maria Felix, Angelina Jolie, Anette Benning, and even Kim Kardashian. They are a timeless gemstone, and their green color is quite stunning, making it a great choice for a special occasion.  Just last week, when I had a high profile event in San Juan, I chose emerald and diamond earrings I designed a few years ago. They could literally be seen from across the room.

Emeralds and diamonds:
at the Semillas de Esperanza event at the Ritz in San Juan
with my  gorgeous friend Mari de la Cruz
Top celebrities in Emeralds
Emeralds are not just classic beauties, they also have interesting myths attached to them. The Egyptians used to burry their mummies with emeralds in their throats because they guaranteed safe passage to the underworld, while according to the Greeks, Hermes wrote the laws of the land on a tablet of pure emerald. In the Bible the Holy Grail came from an emerald. 

All around the world emeralds have a played an important part in myth and folklore. They are even granted the psychic abilities of clairvoyance, and have for a longtime been a symbol of spring. To me, emeralds are a delight to work with, and knowing that they have such a rich and colorful history just adds to the magic they already posses. Hope you have a great month and celebrate with emeralds. 

Love Always
Dani K

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