Inspiration: Theo Constante

Anyone who knows me can attest that,  although I live most of the year in Miami, I am so, so proud to be Ecuadorian.  As an artist myself, I am also proud of the amazing artists that I share a background with, and of the ones I have the most respect for is the great master Theo Constante.

by Theo Constante

Constante is part of the Abstract Informalist Movement of Ecuadorian artists, and started his career at the School of Fine Arts in Guayaquil.  He later studied at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid, and had his paintings shown in Guayaquil at the prestigious salons of the city.  Later in his career he also taught at both institutions.

Composition By Theo Constante
After showing in South America, Constante had his works show in the Salons in Paris. Later on in his career, Constante, along with his counterparts Enrique Tabara and Alberto More, participated i the Third Biennial in Paris, which was held at the Museum of Modern Art.  

Museum of Modern Art in Paris
His work was lauded by critics, and won him other prestigious awards such as first prize at the Bienal in Quito.  His style was abstract in nature, and consisted of many colors that melded together loosely drawn geometric lines. The colors orange, red and blue are often dominant in the majority of his works. In 2005 Constante was awarded the most prestigious prize to any artist in Ecuador, the Eugenio Espejo Prize, presented to him by the President of Ecuador for his amazing body of work.

Portraits of my grandparents by
Theo Constante

Theo Constante is a very special artist for me. I am so proud to have had such a great artist paint portraits of my beloved grandparents (above).  Seeing them hung at their home inspired me so much through the years.  His abstract works are a big influence in my designs, as are his magnificent colors and geometric shapes.

 Fabulous geometric Tiger's eye earrings,
in 18kt rose gold and diamonds

Hope I have inspired you to look at more great art, or maybe even visit a local museum.  I think it's a great idea for a light and easy Saturday afternoon, don't you think?  Have a great weekend my gems.  Be back soon with more.

Love Always 
Dani K

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