Hot Trend: Statement Rings

One of the things are best known for in the world of jewelry are my fabulous ring designs.  They were heavily featured in the book Jewelry International III, and you could even say that they have become my trademark.   

From left to right:
Glimmering square cut citrine solitaire, surrounded by diamonds.
Fabulous round cut tiger eye, with diamonds, and tsavorite.
Geometrically inspired ring in cornaline, citrine and
of course diamonds.
All lovingly made in 18kt yellow gold.

I designed each of these pieces as an artist would a work of art.  With eye catching colors and high impact gems, these glimmering rings would a great addition to any lucky girls' jewelry box.  They definitely make a statement on their own without much need for anything else. 

I tend to design rings that are big and bold because they make a statement without having to wear too much jewelry, therefore getting the most wear out of a single piece.  When people come to the jewelry store looking for one great buy, I always sway them towards a gorgeous statement ring for that very reason.  These types of rings are a great investment because they really do go with everything, and are suitable for every occasion.  From jeans to fancy party dresses, a fabulous ring can be the only accessory you will ever need.

Love Always
Dani K

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