Tsavorite: Get Green with Envy

How are you lovely people! I hope you had a great weekend.  It was a lovely weekend in Miami, a little bit warmer than it has been, so I was out and about enjoying the outdoor weather. It was during my walk in Coconut Grove that I came to think about how lovely tsavorite is. Tsavorite is a variation of this month's birthstone, the garnet, so I thought it would be very appropriate to elaborate a little more about this gorgeous gem that literally leave people green with envy.

From my "Wanderlust" collection,
super fashionable chubby hoops in black onyx,
tsavorite, and 18kt gold. 

Green is one of my favorite colors because it immediately makes me think of nature. That is why I initially was drawn to, and began working with Tsavorite.  This gem might not be as precious as an emerald, but it is just as beautiful as an emerald, and comes in deeper color variety.

Fabulous and exotic, the shining tsavorite is a very multifaceted gem. Rediscovered by English geologist Campbell Bridges in 1967, this find made Tiffany and Co. take notice of this until then very rare gem.  He could not export it from Tanzania, where he had found it first, but was able to, after much perseverance to ultimately find it, and export it from Kenya. At this time, the tsavorite was known only to specialists and gemologists. In 1974, because of its magnificent beauty, Tiffany and Co. began a widespread campaign to make this gemstone known in the US and it began to gain popularity. 

Another fabulous piece:
Statement ring in tsavorite, diamonds, tigers eye,
lovingly handmade in 18kt yellow gold.
So what makes tsavorite so desirable? Well, for one thing its very vivid green color, which comes in different shades ranging from a springlike light green, to an intense blue green, to a deep forest green.  All of these colors have an invigorating effect on the senses making the wearer feel as vibrant as the gem. It's also valuable because it has great brilliance and sparkle, sometimes even trough clothes. 

Unlike many other gemstones tsavorite is neither burnt nor oiled. It literally is a piece of unadulterated nature. Tsavorite is also prized for its hardness. This is important for me because it allows me think of different ways to design and set the stone, and it is important to you, because a piece made of tsavorite is very unlikely to crack or break.

When thinking of the next piece for your jewelry box, give tsavorite a try.  The deep green tones are great for most skin tones and go very well with casual or fancy attire. This "new" gem with the long history is sure to turn heads and leave others, as I said before, green with envy.  

Love Always
Dani K

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