Back to School Jewels

I still remember my school days, as they were not that long ago, and one of my favorite days of the year was the first day of school.  I loved coming back, and seeing my friends again after a long summer of traveling and spending time with family. There were always so many stories, and wonderful anecdotes, as well as changed faces and new hairstyles.

This eventfulness carried on throughout the first week, and my friends and me talked about where we had been, our new beaus and our latest shopping sprees. Nothing compares to showing off a new super special cardigan or unique piece of jewelry. Since I spent my time in school, as many kids do today, in a boring uniform, one of the things that we turned to, to make us unique, was our jewels.

Jewelry allowed us self expression, under a very rigid dress code.  It also, in a very superficial way, helped us align ourselves with like-minded people, and was even a way to start a conversation with a new student, who would then become a new friend. In other words, jewelry was a very important aspect of our daily attire, even as girls in school.

I have chosen these beautiful pieces from my collection as perfect back to school pieces.  They are all understated and chic, as well as casual and wearable. Everything I'm showing here can be worn on a daily basis. Check out this fabulous earrings and necklaces from my "Charmed" collection.  They come in all colors and shapes, perfect for every kind of fashionable girl.  

From my Charmed collection, here are the fabulous butterflies:
From the top: Malachite, Cornaline and amazonite
butterfly charms surrounded by perfect little diamonds,
and suspended by delicate 18kt gold chains.

Sweet and sexy:
Amazonite and Onyx are beautifully hand cut into these
gorgeous hearts which are then surrounded
with flawless diamonds.
The delicate chain is 18kt rose or yellow gold

Another popular style for younger generations these days are my celestial bangles.  These are great because they can be worn alone or together or in pairs even.  It just depends on your mood and outfit. The tri color gold combination makes them very trendy right now, as well as easy to combine with the jewelry pieces you already own. The baguette cut diamonds don't hurt either.  

Celestial bangles:
Yellow, white and rose 18kt bangles, with
baguette diamonds.

Here is something I love for school.  Check out my "papillon" earrings; they are to die for.  Like the "Charmed" collection,  I design them in different colored gems to suit all complexions and styles.  Aren't they fabulous?

A gorgeous trio:
Papillon earrings in pink sapphires, blue sapphires and tsavorite.
All three lovelies are handmade in 18k gold, with
diamond details.

Last in my selection for back to school pieces are the ever popular diamond hoops.  Hoops are the hottest accessory in the world of jewelry right now because they are so versatile and suit every face shape. They are also perfect for young girls because they are simple and chic.  Here are three different variations of this modern classic:

Classic and elegant:
baguette cut diamond hoops in 18kt yellow gold

Crossover to the dark side:
black diamond hoops in black 18kt gold

Diamond solitaire hoops,  in 18kt white gold

Aren't all these pieces perfect for back to school?  I can almost see some of you showing off your sexy hoops on the first day of college! Hope you had a great summer and an even better school year.  

Love Always
Dani K

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