Gem of the Week: Blue Sapphire Cabochon

It's Friday, I'm in love! With my fabulous earrings that is...

In the gemstone world, the cabochon is a stone that is cut to a highly polished rounded top. There is no faceting. Although it can be cut in any shape, it is usually oval.  Such is the case with my "Liz" earrings above. 

Before the are of faceting gems was introduced, all stones were cut cabochon. At one point highly carved stones made out of cabochons were popular as well. This is not the first time that I've worked with cabochon cut gemstones or blue sapphires, but it has been one of my favorites.  To me they look like beautiful raindrops on a starry night. 

The stones themselves inspired the shape of the earrings, and of course the most famous blue eyed beauty, Liz Taylor and her iconic jewelry collection. I'd like to think that someone who adored and appreciated the art of jewelry would have worn such unique earrings.

The other gemstones I used to complement the blue sapphire cabochon stones with are pink sapphires and white diamonds.  They are set in 18kt black gold because to me, the combination of black and blue is very modern, and not to mention extremely sexy. It doesn't hurt that the black gold makes all of the details or the piece stand out.

The earrings have a very baroque feeling without losing that bit of edge. They would be perfect with a little black dress or a regal ballgown. I can def. see Princess Kate wearing these with one of her signature Issa frocks.  Her skin color would be perfect!

So how about spoiling yourself (or your girlfriend or wife) with something like my "Liz" earrings? They really are exquisite. Happy Friday!

Love Always
Dani K

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