More Art Behind the Jewels

Hello everyone, especially my new followers.  I just received the press pictures for the opening of my show "The Art behind the Jewels."  Here they are in all their glory:

With my parents Marjorie Adum and Gino Kronfle.
My grandfather Edmundo Kronfle and my mom Marjorie Adum
So happy these two made it all the way from Ecuador
to support me.
Here I am with the evening's host the one and only Gary Nader.
Gary Nader and the author of "Jewelry International III" Caroline Childers
With my beautiful friends, wearing some my designs of course,
from the left
Mariannie Boschetti and Belen Martinez
With designer Nicolas Felizola, one of my nearest and dearest friends.
Thanks for all your support through the years!
With my dear friend Karent Sierra.
The evening was not just about the girls, here are my friends
Sebastian Cordovez and Nema Zandi.
With one of the stars of the evening (one of her rings was in the show)
Dayana Marriotti, her husband Aldo Mariotti, and of course
the fabulous Carline Childers
With two of my favorite brothers:  Frank and Mark Chatburn
Another great friend of mine Lolo Sudarsky
The fabulous Alex Hamdan in jewelry by
Daniella Kronfle
With the always gorgeous Isabella Bucaram from CNN
Look at this lovely trio! From he left:
Ana Karina Politano, Eva Rub, and Maria Avenarious
Here I am again with my old friend Alejandro Suero
Another lovely trio:
Belen Martinez, Sandra Chartouni, and Michelle Areces
Wearing her ring straight from the book Jewelry International III,
 is Selene Arvesu with the author Caroline Childers.
Surrounded by more of my wonderful friends:
Christina Ricco, Alex Hamdan, and Elga Ledwon.

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