Two Fun Summer Hoops

By now you all know that I just LOVE hoops.  I love them so much that I have designed so many different ones, including theses two very special pairs which happen to be very now.

The first pair is my turquoise, diamond and rose gold Jemma hoops. These glamourous mid-sized hoops are just the right blend of funky elegance and edgy sophistication.  Their chunky design is not at all heavy, and like all of my pieces, they are made by the world's best artisans using the best possible materials.  All of my raw materials are hand-selected by me so that each one of a kind piece has it's own unique personality. 

If you read my blog you already know I love working with turquoise because it is not only fabulous, but because it has a lot of esoteric qualities. For example it is believed to ward off the evil eye, and protect the wearer from falling or a fall. Some people believe it can help cure depression. Whatever the reason you choose, make sure you buy it from a reputable jewelry dealer. Because it is a popular gem, it is also one that is often imitated.

If you already have turquoise jewelry or are thinking of spoiling yourself with pieces such as my hoops above, make sure you care for them adequately. Even though it is a summer gem, make sure you don't expose it to direct sunlight for too long. This might actually discolor and dehydrate the turquoise, making it brittle. Perfume, sunscreen and cosmetics can also attack the finish of turquoise, so watch out! 

My next hoops are totally different than the Jemma hoops above, but just as chic and wearable. Below are my black and white diamond and yellow gold Cindy hoops. 

Inspired by the timeless elegance of Coco Chanel, the Cindy hoops are so versatile I have a hard time taking them off.  Not only are they beautiful, they are also simple and chic.  Made with the world's finest black diamonds, these earrings are a must have for all fashionistas. 

From every angle these hoops are a small treasure. I have always loved the exotic magic and allure that black diamonds invoke, and I have worked with them for years in most of my collections.  Considered for years to be dark and mysterious, black diamonds are not just for the daring or obscure anymore. As you can see in the sexy hoops above, anyone can look feminine and fashion forward in black diamonds.

Black diamonds got a bad rap for years, as they are sort of a paradox. They are not of the same crystalline structure of a white diamond, but have a rather polycrystalline structure that makes them like many diamonds smashed together. In other words, they don't share the same qualities that make classic white diamonds special, but they do have a rare appeal all their own.

Thank you so much for letting me share with you my Jemma and Cindy hoops.  I love these two pieces and I hope that you feel the same.  See you guys next week with more gorgeous baubles.

Love Always

Dani K

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