Happy Fourth of July!

Since today is the Fourth of July, the day we celebrate America's Independence, I wanted to share with you a post I did on the First Lady of Style.  Here she is our fabulous Michelle Obama...

Not since Jackie O has the United States had such a fashionable First Lady as our current one, Michelle Obama. Since yesterday was President's Day here in the US, today I will look into her effortless and chic style, especially these last four years that have been seminal, thanks to her, in American fashion.

Ever since I saw her for the first time, I knew that First Lady Michelle would very rapidly eclipse her husband, President Barack Obama. She just had that glimmer in her eye and mischief in her smile that said, I'm a powerhouse too, and now, after four years of observing her in the pubic eye, that prophecy of sorts has come true. Michelle Obama is not only more popular than the president, she's more popular that Oprah!

Having graced the covers of Vogue, Glamour and Essence, Michelle Obama has perfected her personal style just as any fashion editor or model would. It was Mikki Taylor, the editor of Essence Magazine who worked with her on that particular cover and issue, that actually said it best: "In an image-conscious society, Michelle Obama embodies the importance of honing a signature style and remaining true to it." And that is the success of the First Lady's sartorial choices, they are always true to her spirit and embody her as her best self.

The publics obsession with her fashion choices began when she wore Jason Wu, then a young new designer, to her husband's inauguration. Her beautifully beaded white gown was the talk of everywhere and helped put Jason Wu on the map. It also made the public aware that Mrs. O, had a flair for picking young and emerging talent. Here is the famous dress....

But gowns are not the only thing Mrs. Obama look great in. She is also known to mix her high end things with decidedly mass produced frocks by such retailers as J Crew, Talbot's and even Target. Here she is not only wearing a Target dress, but wearing on more than one occasion, something also favored by another fashion queen, Princess Kate Middleton.

Another memorable style moment, and one of my favorites, for our First Lady was when she worked her signature elegance in this black two piece fishtail dress by American designer Michael Kors. FLOTUS made it her own by adding great jewelry and a leather corset by Peter Soronen. I really loved her bold choice in jewelry, and that she really took a chance that evening. Needless to say, it paid off.

On that same year, Mrs. O wore a royal blue Vera Wang dress that made you forget she ever designed wedding gowns. Not kidding. He earrings were also amazing, and her jewelry choices tend to be.

And speaking of jewelry, our dear FLOTUS, just as she does with her clothes, loves to mix high and low. I almost always love it all. Here are some of my favorite looks through the years.

She always chooses fashion forwards pieces, unless she is going for classic pearls. As you can see, she almost always selects one big signature statement piece, being it the earrings, or the bracelets or the necklace, but never all combined, even for red carpet events where she is wearing couture.

Wether she is battling childhood obesity, promoting her best selling book, gardening at the White House or at the arm of the President, Mrs. Obama always look chic and put together. Her secret is that she always looks like herself, and does not deviate from the silhouettes that are favorable to her. Any fashionista would agree, those are sartorial rules never meant to be broken, no matter what your personal style is.

Love Always
Dani K

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