La Certosa di Firenze

I recently celebrated my wedding in Tuscany where I was fortunate enough to get married, among my closest family and friends, in the most beautiful church at la Certosa di Fireze, the Basilica di San Lorenzo

Also known as the Certosa del Galuzzo, the charterhouse, or Carthusian monastery, is located in the Florence suburb of Galluzzo, in central Italy. The building is a walled complex located on Monte Acuto, between the Ema and Greve rivers.  Founded in 1341 by the Florentine noble Niccolò Acciaioli, Grand Seneschal of the Kingdom of Naples, the Certosa is so beautiful and magnificent that it even inspired famed modernist architect Le Corbusier in his urban projects.

Built in 1341 not only as a religious centre but also for the education of the young, the Certosa has always held a special place in history for many reasons. The Acciaiuoli (Acciaioli) Palace where the youth of Florence were taught towers upwards alongside the religious buildings of the monastery. Galluzzo was one of the most influential monasteries in Europe and was immensely wealthy, with a population of hundreds of monks and, until the Napoleonic depredations, large numbers of works of art.

The Basilica di San Lorenzo, or Church of Saint Lawrence is Mannerist in architectural style and filled with frescoes and pictures, a sumptuous marble altar of the 16 century and a crypt containing many tombs, mainly of the Acciaioli family. The church gives access to the beautiful Renaissance cloister with its large terracotta well by Andrea and Giovanni della Robbia.  Here are some shots of the interior of the church, overlooking the main entrance.

And here is the altar of the Basilica di San Lorenzo, and some of the famous painted frescoes and wonderful architectural details.  The interior of the church is so breathtaking one could actually be moved to tears just by being there, let alone get married! 

Firenze and the surrounding areas is known for its artisans and old world traditions and craftsmanship. This beautiful little church on top of a hill is definitely proof of that.  Here is the woodwork on the benches that surround the Basilica. 

The Basilica di San Lorenzo, with 14th-century origins, has a Renaissance exterior. To one side of it is the Colloquio, a narrow hall with benches. Here the Carthusian monks were permitted to break their vow of silence once a week (they got a second chance on Mondays when they were allowed to leave the monastery grounds for a gentle stroll).

Ever since I studied in Florence, I have been fascinated by Tuscany and all of its unique beauty. When it came to choosing a place for our wedding my handsome groom and I were immediately on board with the idea of Tuscany for our special day.  After we visited Italy and la Certosa, we were blown away by how beautiful a setting it would be. Not only is the church in an idyllic spot overlooking a gorgeous and green landscape, it is also an architectural treasure. Here are some pictures of us and our friends and family on this special day. 

And in case you were wondering my jewels are Daniella Kronfle, and I wore a ruby and diamond chocker worn as a crown around my chignon, and diamond solitaire earrings. 

To all of my friends and family who came to my wedding thank you very much.  It means so much to us that you celebrated in Florence with us.  Stay tuned for more of our Tuscan wedding in the coming weeks and for more pictures follow me on instagram @daniellakronfle.

Love Always

Dani K

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