A Perfect Trio: Pearl Statement Rings

Hello my gems! June is almost over, but there is still some time left for pearls.  Today on Dani K Style, we will delve into se subject of pearl statement rings and here are my top picks for today:

My first two, are big and bold, as a statement ring should be.  If you are confused to what a statement ring is let me share with you this hilarious quote from the New York Times by way of A Way With Words:

statement ring
 n.— «They call them statement rings, in the typically kooky parlance of the fashion business, as if the wearer’s hand had been asked to give a deposition. The term I personally prefer is knuckle-duster, slang that a friend came up with to describe what was once also known as a cocktail ring and worn primarily, it seemed, by women who had perhaps failed to score that more aggressive statement of arrival, a band on the left hand.» —“With One Hand Over the Top” by Guy Trebay New York Times Nov. 23, 2006.

What a funny way to put it!  Bravo! However, my own description is quite simply a ring that makes a statement. Or a ring that cannot be ignored.  A statement ring is not just any ring, it is the one the entire look can be built upon, or the last and final detail, the cherry on top if you will, that makes the wearer look polished, finished and ready to take over the the world. 

Since June is all about pearls, I went into my studio and scanned my pearl section and these three came to mind.  All of them make a statement, but the first two (above) are making it with their unusual size and exquisite beauty. The "Fleur" ring is one of my classic designs, updated by the use of a black pearls and black gold.  As you know, if you are following this sort of thing, black and white is all the rage, and this ring is the perfect example that black and white can be feminine and elegant without being graphic. What is more, the "Fleur" is one of my top sellers and celebrity favorites.  This year, it was worn by my lovely friend Dr. Karent Sierra to the Billboard Awards.  Here is the jewelry look I created for her...

And here she is looking splendid on the red carpet with her dress by Emilio Uribe...

The second pearl statement ring, my Gigi ring, is another celebrity favorite. This ring, although floral in its motif, reminds me of that wonderful classic movie Gigi with Leslie Caron.  Here are a few shots of Gigi in her famous white dress and wearing pearls.

Like the Fleur, my Gigi ring is very popular, even making an appearance in a fashion editorial a few months ago.  Here are some of the shots by Ricky Cohete and Jonathan Gant. I just love how the ring completes each of these high fashion looks.

So you have have seen the first two and learned about a bit of their histories, so lets move on to the last ring, the "Ariella" statement ring. This ring is not quite as big as the rest but it still is considered a statement ring because, in black gold and champagne diamonds, it still packs a punch and commands your full attention.

Just look at the tentacle detail of the setting.  Can you tell I was inspired by the sea?  It is so beautiful it takes my breath away.  Technically considered a solitaire, the "Ariella" is a perfect stand alone ring.  With a pearl like this you might not need any more than a simple pair of diamond studs or pearls of any color.  Notice that when I was designing this piece, I included the colors of the other types of pearls (black and gold) to make them easy to wear and versatile beyond belief.

Hope you enjoyed this fabulous rings and their stories.  I love to design pieces that are not just decoration but have a bit of history and myth attached to them, even if it is just my own interpretation.

Don't forget that June is the month of pearls and brides.  Nothing looks better on a bride than pearls and nothing says I care about your birthday like a gift of a birthstone.

Love Always

Dani K

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