Get the Look: Audrey Hepburn

Although she rarely wore more than big bold earrings and a hat, Audrey Hepburn is one my biggest style and jewelry influences.  Nobody could wear clothes or jewels like her; she was the epitome of simple chic, and had her own unique and irresistible style. 

What I love about Audrey Hepburn is that her onscreen style, even though it was very different from her personal style, translated perfectly to her daily persona. She radiated. Like I said before, no one could, or can, to this day, wear jewels like Miss Hepburn. NO ONE.  Not any princess or movie star or celebrity.   She was so chic in her private life too, wearing mostly quiet pieces like this one.

Staking bracelets like these will give you a very chic look like Audreys'. The matching earrings are the perfect touch for an understatement look that lets the wearer take center stage.

Love, love, love!
Spectacular earrings in coral, diamonds, and 18kt rose gold.
So nice you got to have them twice!
From the top: coral and diamond bangle;
black Tahitian pearl and diamond bangle;
both beauties in 18kt rose gold.

For something less playful and more elegant, say for a night out at the theater or an anniversary dinner, I recommend this look, Audrey would always wear her trademark mix of pearls and diamonds. The earrings I show below are a modern interpretation of this classic trend.

Elegant and classic: Pearl earrings,
with serpentine diamond detail set in
18kt white gold.
For a look that's more black tie, like a wedding or premier, she would usually go for bigger gemstones.  She didn't wear much, but the lady sure loved her bling!

Stunning earrings in rose quartz, pink sapphires
beautifully set in 18kt pink gold.
Audrey Hepburn was the perfect example that oftentimes less is more.  To get the look you have to pick pieces that make a bold statement and keep it simple.  Not overdone. With the right grooming and accessories one bold piece can work wonders.  Again for this look your clothes, hair and makeup need to be FLAWLESS.  Remember, even the most graceful and natural woman, can look amazing with just one great piece of gorgeous jewelry. 

Have a great day! Dani K

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