Get The Look: Salma Hayek

A few weeks ago actress Salma Hayek made headlines for wearing one very expensive pair of earrings.  The million dollar earrings made of sapphires and diamond were designed by non other than famed jewelry house Harry Winston, one of my all time favorites. Take a look at the much talked about jewels below...

Set in platinum with diamond micropavee details around a perfect pair of gorgeous matching sapphires, these earrings are just one of the pieces that have set Salma Hayek apart as one of the most stylish women in the world.  Here are some of her most memorable moments on the red carpet, plus some jewels in my collection to help you achieve her elegant looks.

Here is a great shot of Salma heating up the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008.  As you can see Hayek looks amazing in green.  The emerald color brings our her beautiful features and complements her tan skin tone.

This is not the only time the Mexican beauty has chosen emeralds on the red carpet.  At the premiere of her film Savages, Salma turned to the precious green hued gem in order to achieve a fabulous look.  Again she looked gorgeous and impossibly chic. Here she wore matching dangling emerald and diamond earrings and an elegant and platinum emerald ring.  

To make everyone green with envy, just as Salma does, I love these two very beautiful sets of earrings and rings. This first one is a very classic look, where I paired the emeralds fabulous canary  diamonds. The beautiful pear shape cut of these singular gems lent itself quite nicely to the drop shape of the pieces. Since classic was the look I was going for, I opted for traditional 18kt yellow gold for the setting. 

If you like something a bit different, here are these stunning cabochon cut earrings and ring, handmade in daring black gold.  For this set I paired the emeralds with sliced diamonds to offset the roundness of the cabochon-cut emeralds.  I finished the earrings with diamond curlycues for a little flair. The results are  breathtaking and very modern-vintage, which is super popular right now.

Salma usually favors classic styles, and knows how to make an statement with her jewelry. Another one of my favorite looks on her is this glamourous rosette necklace and earrings by Bucheron. These gorgeous pieces added texture and and shine to her overall look, without making it over top.  Bravo!

I have a few pieces that remind me of these fantastic diamond  rosettes.  The first one is this tri-color gold set of earrings and ring, inspired by Marie Antoinette.  With all over micro-pavee diamond details, these shimmering jewels are the work of some the world's most talented craftspeople, and it shows in their elegant design.

If you want to try this look but would prefer something that can go from day to night, why not go for my Jazmin earrings in any of their fabulous color and gemstone combinations. Here they are from left to right in malachite and diamonds, black onyx and pink sapphires and lat but not least, in lapis lazuli and diamonds.

Opting for something a bit more modern and fun, here is Salma a fabulous oversized chain link necklace at a recent Yves Saint Laurent show in Paris.  Chains are huge this year because thy ad a playful touch to clothes that could otherwise be a bit subdued and muted.

My version of this comes in the form of a super chic bracelet.  My pink sapphire Miami bracelet is a great alternative to bangles, especially when you are looking for something fun and funky like Salma's necklace above.  Worn alone or with other bracelets, this fab piece will sure be the talk of the town.  Not only is does it come in this pink rose and sapphire version, but it's also available in ruby, blue and yellow sapphire. 

The last look of Salma's that I love is her in these turquoise and onyx earrings reminiscent of the earrings in my Wanderlust collection.  I love blue and black together, and even thought it is an unexpected combo, it works amazingly well together. Her simple hair and makeup are the perfect complement to such a bold statement in jewelry.

I have a few earrings that are similar to those worn by Hayek above.  Turqoise has been a favorite of mine for years, both for its calming abilities and for its fresh pop of color.  Onyx is another one of the gems I've been using, and I have seen in become more and more popular as the years go by.  Below are my my onyx and diamond hearts from my Charmed collection.

And here are my favorite turquoise earrings from last year's Wanderlust. These are combined with coral and diamonds, and are hand made in 18kt white gold.  Perfect for jeans or the red carpet.

Hope you enjoyed the many looks of the talented and lovely Salma Hayek.  Her style has evolved throughout he years, and it shows, especially in her choice of jewels.  Salma is always exquisite, so I hope I was able to show you gals some ways to emulate her changing looks.  

Love Always
Dani K

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