Perfect Present: Jazmin Earings

Around this time of the year, my friends, clients and their significant others start asking me the same thing. They all want to know what  is the hot item, or perfect present if you will, for themselves, their sisters, mothers, wives or daughters. Today, I want to share with you my latest nature inspired pieces, the Jazmin earrings. In three new gemstone combinations, these earrings are gearing up to be this season's most fabulous gift.   

Nature and its elements has always been an inspiration for me.  Since the beginning of my career, I have included pieces with either flora or fauna in my collections, and this year's holiday offerings are no different. In the past I have had similar earrings; it is their beautiful floral design and unexpected materials that have made them become instant classics. 

Stunning Jazmin earrings in black onyx and diamonds,
handmade in 18kt yellow gold

Here is the turquoise version in 18kt rose gold,
and shiny white diamonds.

Named after one of my favorite flowers, the fabulous Jazmin earrings are a one of my most popular pieces.  As you can see above, they have already been a hit in turquoise and diamonds, and onyx and diamonds.  This year, I re-invented them in the hottest new gems.  From the top: Jazmin earrings in lapis lazuli, white diamonds and 18kt rose gold; Jazmin earrings in black onyx, pink sapphires and 18kt rose gold, and lastly Jazmin earrings in malachite, white diamonds and 18kt yellow gold. 

Here they are again in sexy black onyx.  I love working with onyx because it is a very special gemstone, and was used traditionally in jewelry design for carving cameo brooches. Onyx is also a very romantic gem with a lovely myth attached to it. The myth of the origin of onyx says the goddess Venus was sitting on the banks of the Indus river.  While she slept, Cupid gave her a manicure.  As her heavenly nails fell to the water, they became onyx, which also means "claw" in Greek.

Jazmin earrings in black onyx, pink sapphires
and 18kt rose gold

Onyx is also used for protection, when used to face adversaries in battles and conflicts of all kinds. It is also a defense against negativity. In India, it is recommended for harmony in romantic relationships. 

The next version of the Jazmin earrings comes to us in malachite, yellow gold and diamonds. I chose malachite because of the deep hunter green color, which reminds me of the colder seasons of fall and winter. The most beautiful specimens of malachite have these bands of different hues of green, like the earrings below.  

Jazmin earrings in malachite, white diamonds,
and 18kt yellow gold

Like the onyx above, malachite also has special powers, and it is known to promote peace, love and success in business.  It is also used for protection and to help detect impending danger. My favorite myth is that it is the guardian gemstone of travelers, and helps provide protection and security on long journeys. 

Last but not least are my Jazmin earrings in lapis lazuli, white diamonds and 18kt rose gold. Lapis lazuli was very popular in the 80's but has been rarely seen since.  This year I have seen some of the big jewelry houses use it, so I think it's time for a very deserved comeback.  I love its beautiful tones of cool blue, so why not use it as an alternative to turquoise and sapphires?

Jazmin earrings in lapis lazuli, white diamonds,
and 18kt rose gold

In the ancient world, lapis lazuli was considered as valuable as gold, and has always been a sacred gem. The Egyptians used it to carve scarabs and other religious amulets. It was also used in the robes of Hebrew patriarchs, as well as being the material in which the Ten Commandments were inscribed in.  Since it has always been considered a divine gem, why not make it into divine earrings? 

My fabulous Jazmin earrings are just one of the must-have pieces I believe will be the perfect present this holiday season. In the coming weeks I will be posting more and more beautiful pieces and gift ideas. Stay tuned.

Love Always
Dani K

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