Nouvelle Papillon

Happy Monday my gems! Hope you spent your weekend having fun and enjoying some relaxing times. I had a great weekend, but of course it's Monday, so I'm back to work.  Thanks to my new collection, the last couple of weeks have been very productive, and I have new pieces to share with you.  Today I have a fabulous and fresh version of my super popular Papillon ring. 

For this season's Papillon ring I tried something a little different.  In this version the delicate butterfly wings are designed in sliced pink tourmaline, a gem credited with the power to enhance one's understanding, increase self confidence, and aid in concentration and communication.  Tourmaline is also known to amplify one's psychic energies because it emits an actual electrical charge. If that is not enough, tourmaline also aids in relaxing the body and the mind, as well as helping with anxiety. 

Although the pink tourmaline wings are beautiful on their own, nothing could complement them better than the champagne and canary diamonds that I chose to surround them.  If you look closely you can see my intricate design, which matches that of a true papillon.  Diamonds are always beautiful, and add value to a piece of jewelry. They also add powerful mythology and history. 

Throughout history diamonds have been known for their extraordinary strength. Most importantly they are associated with true love and eternal commitment. They are also said to bring courage and strength to the wearer, while bringing clarity and balance to the relationship. 

This beautiful ring is finished in 18 kt rose gold, which is the hottest thing in jewelry since diamonds actually.  The rise in popularity of rose gold is due to the beautiful hue that jewelers have achieved the last couple of years.  This flattering shade of pinkish yellow is great for every skin tone and mixes beautifully with yellow and white gold, which most women already have in their jewelry box.  

There is something uniquely charming about a ring made in rose gold, and I have been fascinated by it for years.  Rose gold makes a fiery showcase for the vibrant gems in this ring.  Without it, the colors of the pink tourmaline and fancy diamonds would not be as bright and sophisticated as they are. 

Hope you enjoyed my new version of the ever popular Papillon ring. With their wonderful mythology of renewal and inner strength,  Butterflies have always been a great inspiration for me. This year was no different, so I gave it a twist with new materials. I will keep you updated with more beautiful pieces so keep reading.

Love Always
Dani K

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