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Vogue Gioiello is one of my favorite jewelry publications. I got in the habit of reading them when I was studying in Italy and have never stopped getting them in the mail.  Here is the fabulous cover of their December edition.

Being part of the Vogue family of publications guarantees that you will have cutting edge and high fashion articles. Even online, they have the most amazing editorials like this one on the trend of extra large emeralds used lately by everyone from Bucheron to Chopard in their haute jewelry pieces.  The pictures are just so exquisite and the jewelry so divine I have to share with you some of their shots, each with their individual designer.



Giovanni Ferraris

Another great article is this edition was on Delfina Delettrez, a wonderful new designer I saw this year at Ar Basel. Delfina is originally from Rome. According to VG, her show in Miami is synonymous with art and design because she places special focus on the pieces as they were art on the body.  I love her futuristic take on jewelry, and the way they are meant to be more like art than anything else. Here are my favorites.

 These are just a few stories and trends you can find in Vogue Gioiello.  Their online archives are virtually a treasure trove of beautiful pictures. It's shame that they go unseen. 

Love Always
Dani K

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