Get The Look: 2013 Golden Globes

The greatest part of my job is working hand in hand with clients to create an original look or piece of jewelry.  A lot of time my clients and friends bring in pictures and even popular fashion magazines, hoping to give me a feel of what they are looking for. Other times they are wanting to re-create a certain celebrity look. In many instances, the pictures are glamourous red carpet looks of popular celebs, and this, actually is how this feature, Get The Look was born. 

While I was looking over the pictures for my Best Of list for the Golden Globes, I found a ton of pictures of beautiful actresses and their amazing looks, and today I am going to share with you similar pieces from my collections which will be the perfect way to get that Hollywood look. 

I'll start with my favorite look of the night, Katharine McPhee from the show Smash.  I loved her entire outfit that night and her gorgeous black onyx and diamond jewelry. She also had a gorgeous bracelet in rhodium and black diamonds, very similar to my Miami bracelet. appropriate and easy to translate into real life. Take a look...

Funky Miami bracelet in pink sapphires and 18kt rose gold.
Bracelet also available in other color combinations.

She also wore a big black onyx and diamond statement ring very similar to these two, both best sellers, from my Wanderlust Collection...

Black onyx, and white diamonds,
beautifully set in 18kt gold.

Once you go black, you never come back.
Onyx, pink sapphires, and white diamonds,
set in 18kt white gold.

I have been working with black onyx ever since I started designing jewelry, and it is one of my favorites. Here are her covetable onyx earrings, and a few other options from my own designs to get the look...

White and champagne diamonds surround beautiful
onyx teardrops to make these fab
statement earrings.

Here is another option for onyx, this time
in circles surrounded by pink sapphires

From black as night to angelic white, here is Leah Michelle who looked awesome in diamonds and emeralds. This gemstome combination is a red carpet classic, and has been so since the beginning of Hollywood. 

Leah went for funky with this multitude of bracelets and I would normally frown upon this, but she can get away with this because she is young and fresh.  And because her earrings are fabulous. My version of this would be a bit classier, maybe more timeless.  Check it out...

The most exquisite pear cut emeralds accented by flawless
white and canary diamonds.
Handmade in the finest 18kt yellow gold

And if you want something different or would like an alternative to faceted stones, here is a version I designed using beautifully cut emerald cabochons...

Cabochon cut emeralds are amazing when paired
with diamonds,  and set in white and black gold

Another easy look to re-create was Isla Fisher's effortlessly elegant bangles and bracelets. I love that she did not overpower her fancy beaded dress with too much, but did not forget the jewels all-together.  Many times, stylists forgo the jewels when selecting a beaded dress. What a sacrilege! I think they are just scared to pick out something that takes from the dress. I believe that no matter what dress, sparkly of not, there is always room for bling. Rock on Isla!

If I was trying to translate this look for real life or day to day I would look no further than my tri-color gold bangle bracelets and my signature diamond solitaire bangle. These are an essential part of any jewelry box, and I have yet to meet a woman who did not love them. The baguette cut diamonds and celestial cut-outs are the perfect touch and the solitaire bracelet can be worn alone on layered.

A fab trio:
18kt yellow, white and rose gold bangles, with
beautiful baguette cut diamonds.
Signature solitaire diamond bracelet
handmade as always in 18kt white gold.

Last but not least is Megan Fox in her Dolce and Gabanna mermaid gown and pink quartz and pink sapphire earrings.  Loved these earrings with her complexion. 

Her earrings remind me very much of the gorgeous filigree and pink quartz earrings I had as part of my collection earlier in 2012. Here they are in all their splendor. 

One of the most beautiful and unusual things in jewelry today is the art of filigree. These gorgeous earrings are designed in pink quartz, pink sapphires and white diamonds. The fabulous and delicate details you can see are called filigree, and it is an ancient art that only a few people in the world are trained to do. 

What do you think of these star-inspired looks? Do you have anything in your jewelry box that could recreate what the stars wore to the Golden Globes?

Love Always
Dani K 

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