Get the Look: Mariah Carey

Now that the Mariah Carey's motherhood hiatus has ended with her accepting hosting duties on American Idol (she got 18 million dollars to participate), we are going to be seeing more of the diva. And that's a good thing.

I have always been a fan of Mariah's and of course of her lavish jewels and fabulous red carpet style.  She loves jewelry and enjoys wearing it so much, she even created her own line of costume jewels for QVC. But today is not about the faux, but about some serious, serious bling.  Here she is at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011 looking ravishing in white diamonds.

If you like the elegant look above, but you think it's a little too much or to impractical you don't have to wear so much jewelry at once.  If you think you can pull this off, then by all means go for it.  I love how good a whole lot of bling can look on the right girl.  To get that white-hot diamond look above, I recommend the following from my collection.

The epitome of chic:
Fabulous chandelier style earrings dripping with diamonds,
and handmade in 18kt white gold.
Gorgeous diamond eternity bands,
handmade in white gold.

Mariah loves diamonds and butterflies, and so it is only natural to expect that delicate motif to be one of her trademarks.  She has appeared more than once wearing this gorgeous butterfly diamond ring (in white gold), and I just love how playful and fun it is.  I love the way it catches the eye, and how the work and craftsmanship of this beautiful piece  lets the light shine through.

Butterflies are also one of my favorite themes in jewelry design.  They are known to represent rebirth and strength. Here are some of my butterfly creations:

Fabulous Papillon ring in 18kt yellow gold and
sliced diamond wings.  His eyes are ruby and his body
is also made of sparkly diamonds.

A gorgeous trio:
Papillon earrings in pink sapphires,
blue sapphires and tsavorite.
All three lovelies are handmade in 18k gold, with
diamond details.

From my Charmed collection, here are the fabulous butterflies:
From the top: Malachite, Cornaline and amazonite
butterfly charms surrounded by perfect little diamonds,
and suspended by delicate 18kt gold chains.

Here are the matching earrings.
They are super chic won alone too!

Jewelry shows your nature and emotional state, and sometimes celebrities take themselves too seriously.  Thankfully for us, Maria is not one of those people.  One of the ways she often has fun is by wearing playful and versatile diamonds hoops, like these, which she wears often for red carpet appearances and in her every day life.... 

Or these larger than life diamond hoops she wore at the Oscars...

Ultra feminine and glamourous, these mega hoops are not for everyone. However, there are always some alternatives to get a similar look to Mariah's hoops.

Diamond solitaire hoops, in 18kt white gold
Classic and elegant:
baguette cut diamond hoops in 18kt yellow gold
Here are my fabulous mega-hoops in
white and black diamonds.  What
a great addition to any outfit.

Now, after all the research I did, I can really call Mariah the queen of diamonds.  This girl does not mess around.  Rarely are there any pictures of her wearing any kind of costume jewelry, semi-precious gems, or really, anything other than fabulous diamonds. She even has a diamond microphone, and her husband, Nick Cannon, gave her a pink and white diamond pacifier for one of their anniversaries.  Now that's a girl after my own heart. When are you coming to Miami Mariah? I have things that will blow you away....

Long live Mariah!
Queen of Diamonds!

Now the diamond obsession don't just stop there. No sir.  Take a look at this picture of her beautiful daughter Monroe Canon in her first of many diamond necklaces. If that's not enough, she's also draped in pearls. LOVE IT!  This glamourous momma doesn't pull any stops for her pint-sized cutie.  They don't call her a diva for nothing, and now she has her own little diva in training!

Love Always
Dani K

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