Fab Fall Trend: Monochromatic Dressing

Hurricane Issac is making its way towards our lovely state, but we won't let that dampen our spirits here at Daniella Kronfle Jewelry. This upcoming storm is nature's way to say to us Floridians "hey guys, Autumn is almost here!" And with Fall, we also get new trends like this years revival of monochromatic dressing shown on the runway by everyone from Calvin Klein to Chanel. 

Striking monochromatic dressing at Calvin Klein

What exactly is monochromatic dressing?  Well it essentially is picking a solid color and sticking to it. I admit I do love fun prints and florals, but when it comes to looking chic I usually opt for this type of style.  It's less distracting from my jewelry which I'm always showcasing and is a great way to streamline a silhouette. 

A great monochromatic look by Chanel
And the perfect complement, black diamond hoops
in black 18kt gold. 

This is not by any means a new trend. It was big in the 80's and 90's.  It is a very minimalistic approach to dressing, yet it takes the same effort, if not more so that going for prints, which convey texture which at times you might not necessarily want.  Color is affected by the material or fabric, so it takes a skillful eye to get this to work.  The cut of the garment is also important; one can look totally polished wearing only one gorgeous color. 

Regal purple is a great choice:
Titanium and diamond earrings in dark purple enamel

The monochromatic trend of today is about a look that is tasteful and detailed.  This is when jewels come in.  A one-color look can often appear boring or muted without a few statement pieces, therefore ruining the look altogether.  The color should be soft and flattering and no black does not count.  For me, it's usually jewel tones that work the best, like a fabulous ocean blue or emerald green. 

One of my most popular designs
In turquoise, diamonds and 18kt yellow gold
Lovely "fleur" earrings in turquoise and diamonds,
handmade in 18kt rose gold

When you wear a single color, including your jewelry, from head to toe you appear slimmer and more put together.  There is no break in continuity and the outfit is fluid and elegant. Nothing looks classier that wearing clothes in nude or ivory with a strand of pearls or champagne diamonds.  Or how about a gorgeous smokey quartz ring and earrings with an outfit of browns and chocolate. Another one of my favorites is wearing rose gold pieces with blush colored pants, a blouse and matching leather accessories.  The possibilities are endless and the looks are always striking and original. 

Fabulous ombre hoops in a myriad of champagne and chocolate
hued diamonds in 18kt rose gold

What do you think about my trend prediction?  Will you be wearing monochromatic hues this Fall? Will you be matching the jewels to your clothes?  Leave me a few lines in the comment section.  I'm happy to answer any style question you might have.

Love Always
Dani K 

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