Minimalism Done Right: The Fashion At The 2014 Golden Globes

This past Sunday all of Hollywood, OK most of Hollywood, got together to pat themselves on the back and give us the show that says, "hey Oscar! I look good, but I'm saving my best dress just for you". Snark aside, the Golden Globes really are our first important glimpse to what the year's fashion trends are going to be, as well as the ones from last year that are still going strong. 

After watching the official red carpet, I usually look at the pictures many times to see what are the looks preferred by stars and stylists alike. The looks that will influence what we want, how we wear it and how we spend our money.   I also do an overall best dressed list, just like you, and here it is.

My six picks for best dressed celebs are mainly chosen because I loved the fit, the accessories, and of course the dresses themselves. As you can see all of these beautiful women have one thing in common. The jewels and accessories are kept to minimum, heralding the the biggest trend this year to be minimalism on the red carpet. 

I am a jewelry designer, and my signature pieces are bold by nature, so minimalism is not my favorite thing to see, however this year at the Globes, it was done to perfection. Now of course there were some exceptions. I saw a lot of bare earlobes, which I think looks unfinished. I would never send anyone on the red carpet without earrings, but to each its own. Not my favorite red carpet tendency, and I hope it stays in the 90's, where it belongs, never to be seen again. 

Since we already discussed the unsavory business that is bare lobes, let me make it up to you by showing you the night's biggest trend in earrings, again very minimal, which was studs. Everyone who was anyone was wearing cute, but very deliberate studs.  

My three faves, which are Sandra Bullock in black diamonds, Mila Kunis in gorgeous emeralds and Emma Watson in very interesting pearls all wore architectural frocks that did not need much adornment, as well as very interesting rings. Like I said, accessories were kept to a minimum.

Someone who did not go for studs was Emma Roberts, and that is why she wins Best Earrings in my book. 

Emma wore a very simple off-the-shoulder black dress, which would have been completely unnoticed had she not chosen to complement it with these beautiful diamond and turquoise chandelier earrings. Showstopper! Game changer! Call it whatever you want, but this is the best she has ever looked, and I think it's her way of saying "look at me I'm not a child actress anymore," Mission accomplished Miss Roberts. Can't wait to see her at the Oscars, and on her hit TV show American Horror Story. 

Now Emma did succumb to one trend, one that I don't mind if it's done right like she did, which was the bare neck, or no necklace look that most of the stars and starlets were going for on Sunday. I think that stylists are all saving big pieces for the Oscars, but don't take my word for it. Here are just some of the celebs who chose to go bare. 

One who did not was the always fabulous Naomi Watts, who looked like the golden statue herself in a gorgeous gown, with even better jewelry. 

Naomi Watts is always one of my red carpet favorites because she always looks very natural, like she just went into her closet and pulled out a dress and her favorites pieces, and Voila!. She never looks as she borrowed her dress, or like she is just a showcase for a designer. By the way, her dress is Tom Ford and her her jewels are Bulgari. Bravo once again Naomi!

But not everyone looked as amazing and fresh as Miss Watts on the red carpet. Two beautiful women whom I wish would have stuck to the bare neck and minimalism movements were Sophia Vergara and Heidi Klum. 

OMG. What happened! Both were over the top and clownish. Fire your stylists, please! They just made you look old and costumey. Two thumbs waaay down, and sorry! Better luck next time. 

The Golden Globes came and went, but their fashion trends remain. Let's see what Hollywood has in store for us in the coming months. Remember we still have the SAG awards, the Oscars, Venice and Cannes. I will be here with my take on all the red carpet hits and misses.

Love Always

Dani K

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