A Sympnony in White Gold and Diamonds

One of the most original rings I have designed this year is one with a decidedly vintage feel.  A clear throwback to the jewelry of the old Victorian era, the Moira ring, a symphony of white gold and diamond ribbons is sure to take your breath away. Let's take a look...

Cleverly designed to be weightless, and to feel as if you are not wearing it, this gorgeous statement ring is sure to make people stop on their tracks; they sure do when I have worn it out, which has been to events as varied as brunch in the design district to dinner at Soho House to a quick stop at the Island market. 

Check out the intricate details of the back of the Moira ring.  This is a true masterpiece from my trusted artisans, who are as always the best in the world at what they do.  I tend to chose master crafters, who have specialized in a very specific area in jewelry making, therefore become the best at what they do. When selecting specialized masters such as these, no matter what style of jewelry you like, you are always getting the best of the best. 

The ring is so pretty and the design so intricate, it becomes simple and classic, minimalist almost, so much so that I find it hard to wear with anything other than a few pieces of jewelry, maybe some of my Illusion studs and a trio of Celestial bangles in the opposite hand for contrast. But that's it. More than that and it would overshadow the gorgeous design, which you can see more of here in this black and white picture. 

Here is a side view so you can have a complete look at this marvelous piece, which is an exclusive one of a kind design. Is it not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? It is to me, but as you can guess I am partial to all of my fabulous designs. As with every piece in my collection, this ring is made using the finest 18kt gold and the finest diamonds, which I always hand select for quality and purity.

I like to think that my work is inventive and original, and in creating a vintage inspired feel, a new heirloom piece, I have achieved just that. The Moira ring is a definite throwback to old-world design without being stodgy and played out.

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Love Always

Dani K

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