Having It All: The Success of Isabel Bucaram

It's not often that one gets to meet an amazing woman like my friend, the beautiful and talented Isabel Bucaram.

My friend Isabel "Chibi" Bucaram and me during
a photo shoot for CNN. Super Fun!

Isabel, if you missed out on my earlier post, is the Director of Public Relations, as well as producer of VIP Planification for CNN en Espanol.  She is also a devoted mom to two awesome kids, Isabella, who is 12, and youngest, Francisco, who is nine. Chibi is also a living and breathing example that with hard work and organization you can have it all.

Isabel at home with her kids Francisco and Isabella.

Having learned from her mother that beauty comes from within, Isabel who is beautiful inside and out, has many secrets of how she accomplishes everything, and one of them is having peace and mental tranquility. Isabel practices yoga, which is something we both share in common, and credits it for helping her find inner peace. She also follows a fantastic skin routine which includes oxygenation, exfoliation, as well as products and treatments from Oxygen Spa in Coral Gables.

Official portrait of Isabel Bucaram
by Victor Rodriguez for CNN

It was during a photo shoot we did a while back that I got to chat with her about all of her insights about life and work and motherhood. We talked about how being a mom changes you for the better and helps you understand yourself more, and how important it is as a mom to make time for yourself and to take care of yourself so you can take care of others successfully. We also talked about the delicate balance of work and family. Her biggest gem was that you do not take work home, or as she put it do not mix business time with family time. Keep them separate and organize your life so that it is so. 

Chibi and me at my show "The Art Behind the Jewels"
which was a Gary Nader's gallery in Wynwood

Another topic was her healthy diet, which includes lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as smoothies and a lot of exercise. Isabel loves riding her bike, lifting weights and blowing off steam by kickboxing as well as the aforementioned yoga. I guess you can't look as good as she does without a little hard work. 

Isabel "Chibi" Bucaran at her
post in CNN in Espanol

As you can see I love Chibi, so last year I was very excited when she commissioned a special piece, a statement ring, with a very special meaning. Working with friends can be tricky, but when a woman knows exactly what she wants, it is my duty to look to my skills as a designer and give it to her.

Especially made for my friend Chibi, the Vipera ring
is exquisite in emeralds, diamonds and 18kt gold

When she came to me, Isabel wanted very clearly to have a ring with meaning. After much research, we settled on a serpent because being one the oldest and most widespread symbols in western culture, it represented to her eternity and renewal. As far as fashion and design, we looked at serpents that have been worn by powerful and successful women like Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and Rihanna, giving us a great starting point and a little inspiration. 

When designing this piece, the Vipera ring, I took all of the history and lore of the serpent into consideration before even choosing the gemstones I was going to use. I also put much though into Isabel herself, her personality, the size of her hand, and even her skin color. All of these are very important when designing a custom piece like this. Isabel is an incredibly beautiful, energetic and compelling woman, with a very outgoing dynamic. The results are a mixture of years of friendship, beautiful gems, as well as the reflection of a woman who is gorgeous inside and out. 

Snake and serpent jewelry has been worn since ancient times, so when I was creating this ring, we had to breath new life to an old classic. Snake jewelry is best given as a gesture of good fortune, good health and as a protective charm. It also is known to represent the eternal union between a couple, as well as the never ending love for one another. For Isabel, it was symbol of her femininity and individualism, as well as a high fashion, and luxurious piece of fine jewelry. A symbol of her being a mother and reaching success.

Considered one of the most influential women in Miami, Chibi is not just an example of how a woman can have it all, but also of how success only comes to those who sacrifice and work hard, no matter what gender. As a fellow Ecuadorian, I can only be proud of my friend who has achieved a high level of achievement both in her personal and work lives. I really can't express how much I admire her and hope to be working with her for years to come.

Love Always

Dani K

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