Paraiba Princess Ring

I have been working with an amazingly uncommon gemstone called Paraiba lately. This stone, a form of tourmaline, is the rarest in the world and it is not hard to see why.

Paraiba comes in eye catching hues such as neon blue, turquoise, blue green and even hot pink. This lovely gem takes its name from the northeastern state of Paraiba in Brazil, where Paraiba is mostly found. Discovered in the 1980's, this wonderful gem has just now made a splash in the world of fine jewelry, and I've fallen in love with it all over again. Just look at this fantastic ring below, completely inspired by the cabochon cut Paraiba I found. Isn't is perfect?

As you can see, the Paraiba has a natural neon glow that seems to shine from within the gemstone. This glow is attributed to the presence of the element copper. But copper is not the only metal in Paraiba. The German Foundation for Gemstone Research has also found traces of gold in this stone. It is the presence of these, and other elements that bring us the different colors of Paraiba found in nature.

But let's get back to my ring. Because Paraiba is very fragmented, it is very rare to find a solitaire this size and quality, and a cabochon cut one to boot. When I received it I was so excited I planed out many designs. I thought first of a pendant or to even include it in one of my tiaras, but soon enough, after much deliberation, I decided that it belonged in one of my signature statement rings, where it could easily be admired with every gesture of an elegant woman.

As far as the remaining details go, I opted for diamonds, of course, since they are everyone's favorite, and because they always add a touch of sophistication making this ring a bit more polished that it would without them. The diamonds are all set in a beautiful design inspired by my signature tiaras. To finish my creation, I set the entire thing in 18kt white gold to complement the beautiful blues, and also to make these precious gems stand out and sparkle and shine even more.

Like always, I also want to share with you some of the magical qualities of this gem. Paraiba is considered, along with the opal, as one of the gemstones of Libras and Scorpios. It is said to exhibit piezoelectricity, which just means that the Paraiba can become electrically charged when warmed up, having all kinds of effects on the wearer, one of which is the cleansing away of all evil. Another attribute of the Paraiba is that it helps guard against misfortune and danger, as well as having a positive influence on friendship and love.

Paraiba is both prized for its beauty and for its rarity. This magnificent gemstone, along with its healing and magical attributes, is gorgeous enough to be my sole inspiration. When I created this lovely ring, I took everything about this stone in consideration, as well as the profile of the Daniella Kronfle woman. Hope you love it just as much as I do.

Love Always
Dani K

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