Obsession: The Cora Sun Drop Diamond

I love all things bling and appreciate the natural beauty of gems, so that's why the Cora Sun Drop Diamond is my obsession for the week.

I was lucky to see in on display in London, and I guarantee you the pictures do not do it justice. Since then I have not been able to take my mind off this beauty. This exquisite pear shaped yellow diamond is actually the largest in the world and weighs in at 110 carats. That is not the only record the Cora Sun Drop diamond is responsible for breaking.  It is also the most expensive yellow diamond in history, being auctioned at Sotheby's for 10.9 million dollars last year to an anonymous bidder.

Unlike other famous diamonds, the history of the Cora is rather short and sweet.  It was discovered in 2010 in South Africa. Soon after, it was kept in the Natural Museum of London where I had the pleasure to admire such a fantastic gem.  After that it was sold at auction in New York. The Cora gets is name from the company that owned it and cut it, Cora International.

As far as the color goes, this diamond is quite special.  The intense yellow color or vivid fancy yellow comes from molecules of nitrogen that have been trapped in the molecules of carbon for thousands and thousands of years. The Cora is considered a fancy diamond by dealers because of its coloration.  Only one in a thousand diamonds is good enough to be called a fancy, and the cora fits the bill perfectly, especially for a diamond of such magnitude.

Cutting this diamond took six months.  The ora Sun Drop is cut in a brilliant pear shape. This cut is also known as a drop cut, hence the name. According to cora international, this cut was chosen in order to bring out all the beauty and color of this diamond, and maximize its shape and size. Since the color of the Cora is very strong, the pear shape is the best way to keep it and make it more vibrant.

I have always been mystified by the rare yellow diamond, and have featured it in a lot of my designs.  Yellow diamonds are the fifth rarest diamonds, and make a great gift if you are looking for something special and unique. 

Ancient civilizations believed that these gorgeous gems had a magic nothing else could surpass.  Many times they even thought that diamonds were inhabited by spirits and gave you clarity, strength, and wisdom. I just think that they are lovely and divine to work with.

Love Always
Dani K

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