Beat The Summertime Blues With Turquoise

Summer is in full swing and so is this beautiful gem, the turquoise, which is, at this time, having a moment. One of my favorite, all time gems, the turquoise is always a go to gem for summer. It always brings me joy and even when I am not thinking about it, tons of complement because I believe it not only makes the wearer happy, but also those who are around it. 

Turquoise is the perfect gem to work with. I use it all the time, since I love that it has been used by many cultures as a talisman for centuries, I alway include it in my collections. From Native Americans to Persians, turquoise is an important gemstone, historically speaking, because it was always present in ancient jewelry. It was known to ward off evil spirits, attract money, and garner success. Its powers also include healing, protection, courage, friendship and luck. And if that doesn't turn you on to this magical gemstone, maybe knowing that it eases tension and relaxes the mind, will.

Turquoise has also inspired many other mythological properties through the centuries. For example it is believed to ward off the evil eye, and protect the wearer from falling or a fall. Some people believe it can help cure depression. Whatever the reason you choose, make sure you buy it from a reputable jewelry dealer. Because it is a popular gem, it is also one that is often imitated.

Since ancient times, turquoise has been used by indigenous people of Mexico and the U.S.. Worldwide, turquoise has been coveted for thousands of years, and it is believed to be one of the first minerals ever mined. It is often noted that turquoise has healing properties and a deep metaphysical meaning. People also believe that this gem can reveal the physical and emotional well being of the wearer by the way it changes hues.

In this beautiful ring below from my "Wanderlust" collection, I used turquoise together with blue sapphires which I sprinkled with white diamonds for added flair. I used white gold because in this case it was perfect for the cool and calm vibe of this smooth and delicate ring. 

These earrings below are very special. It is not often that you see turquoise used with such artistry and good craftsmanship.  For this piece I used rose gold and diamonds as the complementary materials and the results are spectacular.  As you can see, turquoise in itself is very versatile because its hue goes with all colors of gold, and gemstones as varied as sapphires of any color to tsavorite, and of course the classic diamonds. 

If you already have turquoise jewelry or are thinking of spoiling yourself with pieces such as the ones above, make sure you care for it adequately. Even though it is a summer gem, make sure you don't expose it to direct sunlight for too long. This might actually discolor and dehydrate the turquoise, making it brittle. Perfume, sunscreen and cosmetics can also attack the finish of turquoise, so watch out! 

Take extra care when wearing this or any other type of gemstone. You won't be sorry and you will preserve your pieces for many generations, which to me is the point of having such precious pieces of wearable art.

Love Always

Dani K

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