2013 The Year of the Arm Candy

If you are a fashionista, have a Pintrest board, or follow me on Instagram, you already know that the hottest trend this year is the chunky bracelet or an entire army of them. 

Statement bracelets have been a staple on the red carpet for sometime, and they are now finally being seen on the street and at your favorte shots. Of course we at Daniella Kronfle Jewelry have been heralding their beauty for some time now. Take for example one of my favorites, the "Miami' bracelet, which I debuted last summer, and which I am showing here in rose gold and diamond pavee. 

I love this piece to death because no matter the occasion, I always look perfect.  It goes from urban chic to rock and roll to Park Avenue princess in a hot second.  It just depends on your clothes or your attitude. This bracelet is just that good.  

Beautiful "Miami" bracelet in
rose gold and diamond pavee.

Another fabulous bracelet is the very lavender "Violet" cuff in amethyst and quartz with diamond details. Alone or in a group this fabulous bracelet is just one of my summer staples. I love the lollipop quality of the gems and how beautifully the diamonds sparkle next to the shades or purple.  I guess I am biased since purple is my favorite color. 

Wonderful "Violet" cuff in white gold,
amethyst, quartz and diamonds.

Here is a funkier version of the "Miami" bracelet, alluring in rose gold and hot pink sapphires.  The idea for this bracelet came to me while thinking about adding a signature piece to my collection that was a little funky, something like my Miami hoops but for those who love to wear bracelets or cuffs. I poured over my old archives and magazines and I was smitten with the idea of a big link, except it had to be dripping with more sparkle than gold alone could provide. The result is this gorgeous piece, which not only comes in the pink sapphire and rose gold combination, but also in ruby, and in blue and yellow sapphire.

"Miami" bracelet in pink sapphires
and rose gold. Love it!

If you like a more classic take there is always this Art Deco beauty, the "Daisy" diamond and white gold bracelet. Inspired by the book "The Great Gatsby" this timeless piece is just marvelous, and does a great job at holding its own against all my more modern bracelets.  I sometimes wear it with only the "Lila" and the results are breathtaking. 

Inspired by Gatsby, here is the "Daisy" in
white gold and diamonds

Another bracelet I love is "Violet's" little sister, "Lila," also inspired by my favorite hue. In case you did not know, purple is the color of royalty, so there's that. For "Lila" I also added some different colors of quartz namely smoky and rose quartz, as well as some pink tourmaline. Isn't she beautiful?

Sparkly "Lila" bracelet in a plethora of quartz,
amethyst, tourmaline and white gold. 

Last but not least is yet another version of the "Miami" bracelet, this time in white gold and diamond pavee. Like I said above, this piece is both up and downtown, as well as being a swell addition to your jewelry box.  I prefer the two together, but one of them works just as well. 

As I was coming up with the design and the actual shape, I looked at other links available and even tried some on. I was really concerned that a piece so massive be also delicate and easy to wear. If it was uncomfortable, then my design would fail, and I was very aware of that. My priority then became making it look gorgeous and feel beautiful on the wrist. It had to have the right amount of weight, not too much, not to little, and it had to be able to be stacked, in case that was the look the owner of the piece was looking for.  The results are just amazing. See for yourself. 

"Miami" is white gold and diamond pavee

I love bracelets. I usually wear them stacked with other link bracelets or even chunky bangles, but I prefer them worn the more elegant way, alone, as a statement. Whichever way you choose, there is only one thing you need to know: thanks to the boldness of the pieces above and below, you (like the celebs who favor them) will not go unnoticed.

So what are you waiting for? Run to my boutique and get your hands, or wrists rather, on one of this years hottest pieces. I predict this trend will only get stronger.

Love Always
Dani K

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