New Turquoise Combinations

As you all know I love turquoise and today I want to show you my new turquoise combinations. 

Since ancient times, turquoise has been used by indigenous people of Mexico and the U.S.. Worldwide, turquoise has been coveted for thousands of years, and it is believed to be one of the first minerals ever mined. It is often noted that turquoise has healing properties and a deep metaphysical meaning. People also believe that this gem can reveal the physical and emotional well being of the wearer by the way it changes hues.

For this version of my popular ring, I chose this deep green tsavorite for the zebra-like details. Unlike many other gemstones tsavorite is neither burnt nor oiled. It literally is a piece of unadulterated nature. Tsavorite is also prized for its hardness. This is important for me because it allows me think of different ways to design and set the stone, and it is important to you, because a piece made of tsavorite is very unlikely to crack or break.

Tsavorite is a very special gem due to its very vivid green color, which comes in different shades ranging from a springlike light green, to an intense blue green, to a deep forest green. All of these colors have an invigorating effect on the senses making the wearer feel as vibrant as the gem. It's also valuable because it has great brilliance and sparkle, sometimes even trough clothes.

The other turquoise piece I'm showing today is this magnificent turquoise bead necklace with blue sapphires. This necklace is quite special because it plays on the aesthetic of the classic strand of pearls and takes it to another level. Blue sapphire is stronger than granite or marble, and this gemstone's durability has made in very popular throughout history. Thanks to their hardness (9 on the Mohs scale), sapphires are easier to care than most gems. They only require casual care, but as with everything jewelry, always beware of perfumes and chemicals.

Turquoise is the perfect gem to work with, since it has been used by many cultures as a talisman for centuries. From Native Americans to Persians, turquoise is an important gemstone historically speaking because it was always present in ancient jewelry. I was known to ward off evil spirits, attract money, and garner success. Its powers also include healing, protection, courage, friendship and luck. And if that doesn't turn you on to this magical gemstone, maybe knowing that it eases tension and relaxes the mind, will.

If you already have turquoise jewelry or are thinking of spoiling yourself with pieces such as the ones above, make sure you care for it adequately. Even though it is a summer gem, make sure you don't expose it to direct sunlight for too long. This might actually discolor and dehydrate the turquoise, making it brittle. Perfume, sunscreen and cosmetics can also attack the finish of turquoise, so watch out! Take extra care when wearing this or any other type of gemstone.

Hope you had fun admiring me new turquoise pieces. I love coming up with new and exciting combinations and these two are no exception. Don't forget to keep reading and see you soon, here n Dani K Style.

Love Always,

Dani K

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