Royal Inspiration: The Diana Ring

Happy Monday my gems, hope you had as good a weekend as I had.  I just got back from Paris, and am still feeling a bit of that joie de vivre I felt the entire time I was in France.  It really is contagious.  But enough about me.  Today I'm excited to show off my beautiful Diana ring, made of luscious blue sapphires and accented by shiny white diamonds, with a flawless diamond solitaire in the middle as a focal point.

Inspired in part by the cool blues of the beautiful water of the Mediterranean Sea, my Diana ring is mainly a tribute to the people's princess and everyone's favorite all time royal, Lady Di.  We've all seen and coveted her iconic sapphire engagement, and this was my way of remembering such a chic and classy woman.

Lucky for us we still have Duchess Catherine to carry on her legacy.  If anyone has the chops for the job, it's her.  When I heard the legendary ring would be passed on to Kate, I was a little nervous.  It wasn't until I saw the actual pictures of her in that historic ring that I gave a little sigh of relief.  She looked amazing in her magnificent blue sapphire, matching her dress to the ring, as Diana did in numerous occasions. 

For my version of the "Diana" ring, I chose to work with cabochon cut sapphires instead of faceted ones, primarily because they are unique and not so widely used in jewelry design. I've used this cut a few times in my latest collection, so it was very natural for me to work with it again.  If I wanted to re-invent a classic, I had to do it in a way that was subtle and completely different.  I didn't want just another knock-off of a famous ring.  Instead I wanted my version, a ring that is very much Daniella Kronfle Jewelry, and I think I succeeded both in remembering Princess Diana and in designing something very special and super original. 

From celebrities like Penelope Cruz (her vintage engagement ring is very similar) to dozens of internet impostors, the original Royal engagement has inspired a myriad of copycats.  I think that the perfect combination of the peaceful blue and the diamonds is timeless, and that is part of the appeal.  For my version I decided to give it a little twist and make it quite modern by having many stones instead of just one big solitaire.

The challenge lay in bringing a piece that was very traditional to today's woman. It also had to be both versatile enough for day and night and wearable in every degree possible. I wanted the ring to hug the finger and have enough weight to stand alone or complement other pieces in my collection such as my fabulous "Liz" earrings below. 

The right piece of jewelry can make any woman look and feel like a princess, and that is my mission when I am creating all of my pieces. I think that with my "Diana" ring I achieved it. Hope you enjoyed the royal ring and post.  Have a great week. 

Love Always
Dani K

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