Animal Attraction: The Serpent

Of all the nature inspired creations I have and have had through the years, one of the most popular  ones has always remained the snake or serpent.  Here is my new interpretation of a statement ring, featuring this mythical creature, along with some folklore and history.

The snake, serpent or snake entity is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological creatures in our history.  Just think of the story of Adam and Eve to illustrate how long ago this symbol has been in our midst. But snakes are not just evil Biblical creatures, they are magical symbols which have a longstanding association with some of the oldest rituals known to humankind, as well as representing the dual expression of good and evil.

In religion, mythology and even literature, snakes represent fertility or a creative life force.  This is why they are so special to me, and also so popular along my clientele of strong independent women. Because of the natural wonder of their skin sloughing, the serpent also represents renewal, rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing. 

Snakes have always been very popular in jewelry design.  In many cultures, snakes are thought to ward off evil spirits and that is perhaps they have been worn for centuries. In early Egyptian society  the snake was a symbol of royalty and deity, and if you are familiar with images of Cleopatra or other ancient Egyptian royalty, you can see that the cobra is always present. 

Snakes are central to mythology because because there is the perception that they are both familiar and exotic. As far as I am concerned, the snake is timeless and symbolic and will always have its place in jewelry design. While serpent motif jewelry goes far back in history, it's popularity really began to spread in the 1840's , peaking in between then and the 1860's.  A lot of jewelry featuring snakes was available in the Victorian era. 

Because I know of the historical and mythological importance of snakes and serpents, I always try to have one unique piece of serpent inspired design in every collection.  This season's ring features beautiful chocolate diamonds, peridot, white diamonds and red rubies. My ring is, as always, handmade by the world's best jewelry makers using the highest condition jewels available, hand selected for quality by me.

Here are some of my other designs featuring this magical and mythical creatures from some of my past collections.  As you can see, the snake motif can be done in many different gemstones and gold tone combinations.  I just love how versatile they are! 

Beautiful black diamond serpent ring
handmade in black gold with ruby eyes.

Gorgeous "Cobra" statement ring with a peridot solitaire
surrounded by a black and white diamond snake, with ruby
eyes, all handset in 18kt yellow gold

"Vipera" ring in yellow gold and white diamonds,
emerald eyes and white gold. Stunning!

A different twist on two classics:
Baroque pearl squeeze by a
black diamond serpent.
Her eyes are emeralds and its set in black gold.

Snakes are not for everyone, but I know at least a few ladies who, after learning the true meaning and symbolism of this mythical creature, have become converts.  Are the serpent kind? 

Love Always
Dani K

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