A New Type of Hoop

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I would be showcasing some new hoops for fall in the next coming weeks.  Since a promise is a promise, here are some very unique hoops, or what I like to consider a new type of hoop earring...

Like all hoops, my "Josephine" earrings are round, but unlike the others, these magnificent earrings, drop from a pair of gorgeous gems instead of going through the wearer's ear.  Named after the French empress that ruled during the Republic and Imperial periods, the "Josephine" hoops are most certainly fit for a queen.  If they remind you of one of my tiaras, that is no accident.  When I sought my inspiration for these pieces, I was thinking of a more traditional design that reflects my old world sensibility as well as all my classical jewelry training, and of course my signature tiara designs, which are always timeless and regal.

Full of gorgeous details, each individual earring is made out of the best quality18kt gold, and brings together the beauty of nine solitaire quality blue sapphire cabochons, diamonds, and faceted pink and blue sapphires.  If you look closely you can see the intricate handiwork of some of the world's best craftsmen in each of my hoops. 

These pieces are not easy to make.  Their delicate design is no coincidence.  From the choosing of the perfect gemstones, to the colorful combination of the stones, to the selection of the setting, I put a lot of thought and a lot of time into the conception of these beauties and the result is simply spectacular. 

Since I am in a cabochon mode, I also am showing a matching ring,  in the same beautiful, rounded sapphire cabochons.  As you can see, this ring is also regally inspired.  It is a small piece of art for your hand, one you can carry with you and admire daily. The "Josephine" ring is surrounded by sparkly sliced diamonds and is finished with faceted diamonds, hand set in 18kt black gold.  I chose black gold because it offsets the blue sapphires beautifully, making every detail of this chic ring shine. 

I think that you don't have to be a queen to feel like one, and that every woman deserves a beautiful piece of jewelry like these earrings and ring.  Beautiful jewelry is more than just that, it is also tradition, an investment, and a little bit of magic. I've worked in this business for many, many years, and I have still not met a woman that doesn't melt for a set of earrings like my "Josephine" hoops.  And that is what I love about jewelry; it can be a common denominator for all different kinds of women from all different backgrounds.  Just put them in a room with these beauties and they will bond instantly.  Believe me. I've seen it happen a myriad of times. 

Hope you had a great week.  It's getting late and I'm ready for Friday to officially begin.  Have a safe and fun weekend.  Don't forget to come back and see us again.

Love Always
Dani K

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