The Saint-Tropez Hoop

What looks good with a tan and some champagne?  Why my Saint-Tropez hoops of course!  

Inspired by the chic women wearing beautiful jewels on the beaches (the French know how to live) of the Cote D'Azure, these fabulous hoops are just what you would need to stay in vogue on the famous beach.  The South of France is a marvelous place, and it is full of fashionable people.  I have traveled there many times, and one of the pieces born out of the inspiration of those visits are these beachy and fun hoops. 

Unique and playful, these chunky South of France inspired hoops are a perfect piece to wear from beach to drinks to dinner.  Their ability to be worn either on either side makes them a perfect piece to travel with.  As you can see each piece has two very different, but very complementing looks. You can wear the slick onyx during the day and the sparkly sapphires at night.  In addition, you can make a statement coming or going. Now that's versatility right there!

As one of my most popular designs, the chunky hoop is a great alternative for a woman who does not want to wear the bigger hoops, but still wants to be on trend. Practically everyone who tries these earrings on falls in love with them, so I designed them in a variety of combinations. 

Here are my gorgeous Saint-Tropez hoops shown in 18kt rose gold, yellow sapphires and black onyx.  The black and the yellow is great for anyone who loves bold colors. They are certainly striking together, don't you think? 

And here they are in angelic white agate, combined with black diamonds and handmade in 18kt white gold.  A bit more subdued that the ones above, but still just as glamorous.  I would love these with a pair of hot jeans and a sexy black shirt, tied up casually below the navel.  Very Brigitte Bardot.

This girlie version is also pretty amazing.  Here I'm showing you my pink sapphire, white agate and rose gold Saint-Tropez hoops.  Rose gold is so hot right now, and for a good reason.  It looks great on any skin tone and is a great alternative to yellow or white gold.  It also looks good combined with either, so it would be very fashionable to mix it with the jewelry or watch that you already have.  The white agate is lovely and very versatile because it matches anything you might have in your wardrobe.

Hoops have been a celebrity favorite for quite some time now. They are also popular with my clients, famous or not.  I think that their rounded shape is very pleasing to the eye and that their silhouette looks great on all different women, with many different styles. Women of all ages and backgrounds love hoops. In fact, hoops are always my biggest seller and the first styles to go at my shows.  I always say, hoops are one of the top key pieces every woman should have in their jewelry box precisely because they are so versatile. 

Hope you have been keeping up with all my different kinds of hoops, and learning more about the magic of jewelry.  I love writing this blog and reaching out to my friends and fans.  Don't forget to keep coming back, as I always have new things to share with you.  And don't forget to follow.

Love Always
Dani K

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