What's Hot: Black Diamonds

I have always loved the exotic magic and allure that black diamonds invoke, and I have worked with them for years in most of my collections, but, make no mistake. It's 2012, and black diamonds are definitely having a moment. 

Considered for years to be dark and mysterious, black diamonds are not just for the daring or obscure anymore. As you can see in the sexy hoops above, anyone can look feminine and fashion forward in black diamonds. 

Black diamonds got a bad rap for years, as they are sort of a paradox. They are not of the same crystalline structure of a white diamond, but have a rather polycrystalline structure that makes them like many diamonds smashed together.  In other words, they don't share the same qualities that make classic white diamonds special, but they do have a rare appeal all their own.   

If pink is not your thing, then try
black diamonds instead.
Delicate white agate drop earrings
with black diamond details, handmade
as always, in 18kt gold.
I love working on pieces solely made with black diamonds, but I also am very fond of using them as a complementary element in my designs. Take for example the elegant drop style white agate earrings above, or the gorgeous rose quartz ring below. Black is the perfect companion to any opaque gemstone, because it brings out the smooth nature that most opaques are coveted for, and adds the sparkle and shine element that keeps it interesting.

Pink quartz surrounded by sparkly
black and white diamonds,
handmade in 18kt white gold.
But black diamonds are no one trick pony.  Look at them taking center stage, even to a blue topaz solitaire in the "Dauphin" ring below. Even though they are sprinkled by white diamonds, the stars of the show are definitely the shiny black diamonds. I also took it one step further, and used black gold to emphasize their color, and also to add continuity and flow.  What a great contrast, don't you think?
"Dauphin" ring in 18kt black gold,
black diamonds, and solitaire
blue topaz, with white diamond details.

A lot of people worry that black diamonds won't be as valuable in the future or that they are too trendy. I say they are pure magic. Scientists even attribute to them extra terrestrial qualities because some of their geological material is only found in space and meteorites.  They have even found that black diamonds were formed in a carbon rich supernovae explosion before the formation of the Solar System! 

Many people around the world consider black diamonds great treasures. In India, they are akin to the eyes of the snake, and are considered very valuable. If you are looking for an interesting and unique piece of jewelry, I suggest going with black diamonds.  Who knows, if scientists are correct, you might end up owning a piece of Earth's history! Happy Monday!

Love Always
Dani K

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