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Hello my gems! Happy Friday again.  It was a very busy week for me with Premio Lo Nuestro, and styling all the beautiful ladies I worked with, but I really it paid off.  The girls looked fab on the red carpet.  But I won't give away too much; I will have pictures up soon, so stay tuned.

This week my favorite piece are this marvelous Tiger's eye earrings.  Tiger's eye is amazing to work with.  It's grain is so beautiful, especially because for these earrings we have given it extra texture by cutting it on geometric angles.  

I have been writing a lot about about my artistic influences, and these earrings are also very inspired by the art that came from Paris in the 20's, which is when Art Deco (one of my all time fave's) peaked. The spirit of that time was one of fun and modernity, and I wanted these earrings to feel very modern and fresh.  I wanted them to be fun and light, just like it must have felt to be alive in those champagne soaked times. 

Working with Tiger's eye is delightful, especially when I pair it sparkly diamonds.  According to ancient myths, this gemstone is worn for clarity.  Since Tiger's eye is supposed to let you see everything, I though what a perfect stone for a pair of earrings, always close to the face and the eyes of the wearer.  It is also known to help with focus, so again, a very neat quality for a pair of earrings. 

Tiger's eye is a form of quartz, and its silky luster is quite coveted in jewelry design.  The fibrous bands reflect light beautifully, and the brownish color of the stone complements all skin tones.  In the case of these earrings, they display a vertical luminescence, which is only matched by the rose gold I used for the setting, and the diamonds that make them elegant and chic.

Hope you enjoyed reading about these beautiful earrings as much as I did designing them. I always say there is a story behind every piece I design and these gorgeous jewels are no exception.  Have a lovely and safe weekend, and if you are in Miami get yourself outside.  The weather is supposed to be spectacular!

Love Always
Dani K

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