Bold in Gold At the Grammy's

Perhaps it was the statuette itself that was responsible for look of the women this year, or perhaps it was pure rock and roll. The truth is that in this  year's Grammy red carpet, bold, and simple gold pieces were hot this year. Whatever it was, the look was divine. Here are some of my favorites from demure to over top.

I'm loving Alicia Keys in this Grecian-like necklace. It was a fantastic complement to her beautiful black dress.  She was definitely one of the best representing this trend.  Alicia kept the earrings and hair very minimalistic, which is why her gorgeous neck piece looks so great.  When you have one big piece like this, let it shine.  You don't need more accessories to compete with what you already have going on.

Here is more gold on black, which was apparently the nights favorite combination.  Besties Rhianna and Gwenyth Paltrow look amazing in these sexy dresses and their gold accessories.  Gwyneth's shiny gold belt is the perfect finishing touch to that Stella McCartney dress. Super HOT.

Here is a close-up of Rhianna's amazing gold cuff.  She actually also went with some smaller, delicate pieces like the simple gold rings and diamond bracelet.  I would not recommend so many things to be worn at once, but she's young and sexy, so I guess she can get away with whatever she wants.  

Fergie also went for gold, but she was actually a bit more unique because she wore it with a beautiful and bright orange lace dress. The hammered gold earrings and cuff style bracelet were the perfect complement to her busy and intricate dress. She even went with gold makeup and a golden clutch to finish the look. 

Here is something I never thought I would say: Look at Paris Hilton being demure!  O.K. now that I said that, I can also say she was another one who wore the gold trend extremely well.  Like Gwyneth, she chose to keep her jewelry to a minimum, so the focus was on her gold belt instead.  So ladies, listen up: gold belts, a trend within a trend. 

I saved the best for last.  Here is the incomparable Lady Gaga. If she's wearing something you defiantly know it is going to be a trend for  long time. Gaga went with a massive ring, a necklace and a scepter just for good measure. If you needed any more proof that bold gold pieces are gonna be the next big thing here it is: 

Remember my gems, just because this look can be quite over the top, don't think that its not right for you. Gold happens to be very user friendly and adaptable, so in actuality, this look can work for everybody. A bold gold bracelet like the one below is a great way to adapt this trend to every day life.

A sparkly gold micro pavee diamond ring, is another way to go for the gold without being too flashy. This ring represents the hot new trend that's sweeping jewelry right now, but more on that on another post.  Today we are all about gold. 

Even though the Grammy's were a little sad this year due to the untimely passing of the great Whitney Houston, it was still a great party.  I prefer the red carpet; it is usually more entertaining than the ceremony itself, and this year was no diffrent. Hope you are having a wonderful week

Love Always
Dani K

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