Coming Soon: The Great Gatsby!

During this Valentine's week, let me share with you one of the most romantic works I have ever read: The Great Gatsby.  This book has fascinated all of us literature fans with its tales of the glitz and glamour of Jay Gatsby, and his efforts to win the love of his life Daisy.  The book is lovely, with epic descriptions of what would be  to live in Long Island, during the summer, amongst the filthy rich.

There have already been a few film adaptations of the movie, but none more ambitious that the new Baz Lurman one, currently being filmed in Australia. I have already seen some stills and they are beautiful.  Here is Leo Di Caprio as Jay Gatsby, with his ladylove Daisy Buchanan, played  by the incomparable Carrey Mulligan. She is so chic in classic pearls.

The role of dapper Nick Caraway is helmed by Tobey Macguire, looking all grown up.  All three protagonists paint a beautiful scene; this is the best Di Caprio has looked in ages.

This time period of the roaring twenties, with its colorful lifestyle, flappers an beautiful art deco jewels is one of my favorites. The wonderful clothes and jewels worn by Daisy (Carrey Mulligan) are simply to die for.  Very inspired. I'm sure this film will have many awards come next season. 

Look at the gorgeous pearls and platinum and diamond headband.  Oh to have lived in those glamorous times!  When women were always chic and men were all gentlemen.  In Gatsby's world there were always occasions for beautiful jewelry.  I think perhaps it might have also been that there were too many!  

Diamonds bursting out of a slick rock crystal ring,
on a strand of perfect white pearls.
Fitzgerald would be proud.

One of my favorite pieces that I wear when I am feeling Gatsby-esque is the pearl and rock crystal convertible necklace from my private collection.  I am definitely channeling Daisy when I wear this out on the town.  Can't wait to see this movie!

Love Always
Dani K

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