Piece of the Week: Valentine's Day Edition

This piece is red hot and perfect for Valentine's!  

I'm loving this ring below because it's really funky and versatile.  When I designed this beauty, I was very inspired by cubist paintings of Pablo Picasso, and the clean, simple lines and geometric shapes of Henri Matisse.  I was also inspired by the color pallet of one of my favorites, Ecuadorian painter Theo Constante. His use of deep reds and yellows was definitely on the brain while I was sketching this ring. 

But it wasn't just the avant-garde that I was thinking of when I did this piece.  I was also thinking of the beautiful woman that was going to wear it.  Every piece tells a story, and this story is about an independent girl who is not afraid to show her vulnerability.  It's about a girl who's just as comfortable being sexy in the city as she is is roughing it in the country. 

Just as I am inspired by art, I am inspired by nature and the beauty of the gemstones that I choose to work with.  For this particular ring I chose to go with red cornaline and citrine.  These two complement each other, especially when set against the rich 18kt yellow gold.  White diamonds decoratively surrounding the citrine are the perfect finishing touch.  I love diamonds; I think they add just the right amount of sparkle and elegance.  

Love Always 
Dani K

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