Charmed by the Perfect Present

Chicness exemplified.
Black onyx clover, surrounded by white diamonds,
on an 18kt yellow gold chain.
What makes a gift perfect? My clients ask me this time and time again.  We’ve all been there. A birthday, an anniversary, holiday or wedding of a friend or loved one is fast approaching, and you haven’t got a clue what to give. Gift cards are great but impersonal; candles and beauty products are getting old, and, besides, you really feel like you want to give something with more meaning.  

Pick your poison.
Necklaces from my "Charmed" line in cool hues.

Amazonite heart, indigo quartz clover, black onyx heart, 
amazonite clover, mint quartz heart,
all with white diamonds and 18kt gold chains.

One of my favorite pieces to recommend as gifts this holiday season are the gorgeous and colorful pieces from my "Charmed" line.  They come in different lucky charms like hearts and four leaf clovers, and not to mention a variety of gemstones and colors to suit all skin tones.  

Also available in mix and match earrings.
Black onyx hearts, indigo quartz clovers and mint quartz hearts.

Any woman, whether she prefer to style herself in a formal or informal manner, will appreciate these beautiful baubles because they can be worn with anything, day or night and for any occasion. 

Making the effort to select a gift that will be truly appreciated is a good place to strengthen relationships.  Jewelry is a perfect way to tell someone how you feel, and also have an everlasting keepsake of your relationship whatever it may be.

I really do love and recommend these fantastic and versatile pieces to almost everyone, even my friends and myself as you can see above.  They are an instant classic. The key to their success is the chic simplicity of the pieces. You cannot go wrong with any of these beauties.

Love Always
Dani K

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