Keeping Up With Kim K's Style

With all the talk about Kim Kardashian's wedding, I couldn't help but to jump onto the Kim K bandwagon.  The beautiful and exotic Kim is truly a fan favorite. Ever since she became an overnight sensation, girls are trying to copy her look.  If you don't have access to her jewels or bank account here are some great tips to copy her look:

This lady loves her bling, and her style is BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL.  Three of her more popular looks can be achieved as shown below.

Diamond Hoops:  Kim's all time, go to style accessory is definitely the hoop earing.  Day or night, she always finishes off an outfit with hoops, oftentimes in diamonds.  And why not?  There is nothing hotter than a big sparkly pair of sexy hoops, shining through loose curls or worn with an up-do for a more formal affaire.  I wear mine all the time.

Diamonds are delicious and always fat free!
These beautiful hoops are made in
sexy black diamonds with a gorgeous white diamond detail,
for an exotic look.

Me and my favorite diamond hoops.
From day to night, I wear them all the time.

Dramatic Rings:  What goes great with big big sexy hoops?  A glamourous statement ring of course!

All about the pink!
Pink tourmaline, pink sapphires and 18kt rose gold;
the perfect elements for a sensational ring.
Kim are you listening?
This hot turquoise, diamond and gold ring has you written all over it
Expressive Necklace:  Sometimes, Kim keeps in simple, well simple for a Kardashian.  This is when she chooses elegant, yet brilliant pieces for her neck.  I recommend keeping the other accessories simple, maybe small earrings and a simple band style ring.

Green with envy, Kim?
Cool mint quartz, milky aquamarine, diamonds and
beautiful 18kt yellow gold.

Well, I'm human and just like you I was all excited to find out what is going on with the whole Kim Kardashian wedding fiasco.. If she is the new Elizabeth Taylor, then I cant wait to see the jewels for the years to come. Even though her highly publicised and criticised marriage ended in divorce,  I'm sure her wedding look will set the trend for the upcoming year as the counterpoint to the Duchess of Cambridge's elegant looks.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

Dani K

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