Marilyn and a Movie

Who is the original blonde bombshell? Who has fascinated fashionistas for decades?  Who really made diamonds a girls' best friend? Well Miss Marilyn Monroe of course.

Even though she is and has always been very popular, Marilyn is having another moment with the fall release of the exquisite new movie "My Week with Marilyn," where the gorgeous and talented Michelle Williams plays the lead.  Just look at the stunning poster for the movie.

The movie deals with Colin Clark, an employee of Sir Lawrence Olivier.  Clark documents the tense interaction between the starlet and Olivier during the production of the movie "The Prince and the Showgirl." I won't go into too much detail, you will have to go see it yourself, but the reviews so far have been great. From the Miami Herald "One of the chief pleasures of the movie is watching Williams bring to life Monroe's inner demons with her movie star aplomb and equal allure."  I cant wait to see it when it opens November 23!  What perfect casting.

Movie business aside, I'm ready to talk style.  Marilyn  wore some of the most beautiful jewelry collections ever, so of course I have found inspiration is her look.  The earrings below for example are actually called the "Monroe" earrings because I was so heavily influenced by her persona when I was designing them.  

Monroe Earrings
Mesmerizing black pearls flanked by handmade tri-color 

gold vines,adorned in what else? Diamonds
Not only was she a spectacular creature, but she was also very witty, insightful and self aware.  She was once quoted as saying "Creativity has got to start with humanity, and when you are a human being, you feel, you suffer."  I happen to think she was fascinating and nobody, I mean nobody, wore diamonds like she did.

Another one of my pieces inspired by old Hollywood.
Gorgeous cuff bracelet in blue topaz and diamonds,
lovingly handmade in 18kt white gold.

Marilyn lived in a great time for jewelry design, but she herself only owned costume jewels.  He appeal was so great, however, that all the big jewelry houses loaned her the pieces she is seen wearing in most of her photographs and movies. When she died she only had two valuable pieces in her collection, a diamond eternity ring and a strand of pearls. Both gifts from the love of her life Joe Dimaggio. 

Her beloved diamond eternity band, a gift from her
husband Joe Dimaggio
Monroe's original Mikimoto Pearls in their case

Marilyn's impact on jewelry was so big that she was once given an award from the American Jewelry Academy; It as presented to her by it's president, Sidney Brownstein.  The award was beautifully inscribed with the words:  To Marilyn Monroe, the best friend a diamond ever had.  She truly was.

Hollywood glam at its best.
Beautiful morganite and diamond ring, 

set in 18kt white gold.

Love Always
Dani K

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