Get The Look: SJP

Of all the fashion Icons, the one I get the most requests from my adored clients to "get the look" is Sarah Jessica Parker.  No other woman can embody modern day femininity like her.  And no other woman today has a more diverse and eclectic style than SJP.

Mixing and matching all kinds of jewelry, SJP is always ahead of any trend.  She is the trend.  And when it come to simulating her style the way to go is to wear bold pieces, sometimes all at once.  I recommend something like these brown and black beauties.

An eclectic mix of smoky quartz, black quartz,
18kt yellow gold, and craftsmanship.
Sexy column earrings and bold bracelet,
beautiful worn as a set or individually.
A fashion frontrunner since before her Carrie Bradshaw days, Sara Jessica Parker is the quintessential downtown New York chick.  Mixing haute couture and ready to wear fashions, she always looks fresh and never compromises herself to follow any one designer.  As for her jewelry style, it's all about "the more the merrier," and the result is the epitome of chic. 

La chica de la flor:
This beautiful fleur necklace
is lovingly made in18kt white gold, with hand carved amethyst and
orange sapphire petals, yellow sapphires,
diamonds and rock crystal. 

SJP, like me, loves flowers in her jewelry.  She did create the Sex and the City "camellia" look for her character after all.  Part punk rocker, part princess, SJP goes for jewelry that is super original and one of kind like for example the ring from my collection shown below.

This piece is all SJP:
Sexy and versatile this flower ring complements
any outfit or occasion.
Handmade in 18kt gold with mother of pearl,
rock crystal and sapphires. 
She also loves color and texture as much as I do and is never afraid to wear it day or night.  The most interesting thing in fact from a design point of view is the way she can mix pieces of different stones, and make them look like they were made to be worn together.  She also wears a lot of bold jewelry, that she quickly makes her own with a flash of her famous smile.

These textures are rich and delicate all at once!
Fabulous ring in
18kt rose gold, garnet, pink tourmaline, 
amethyst and rose quartz.
Whatever the occasion, wearing a look similar to SJP's is always a great way to go.  She is always a hit and never a miss.  That's why she has remained on the top of the best dressed lists for years.  With all her fashion moxie, it's gonna be hard to ever knock her down.

Dani K

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