Inspiration: Ecuadorian Sky

Flying between Guayaquil and Quito is quite a magical experience.  It is such a short flight (less the 40 minutes) but yet you feel that you breech two different worlds.  One of course is the beautiful and tropical coastal region, and the other, a lush and cool sierras.

Even though flying is not the most ideal of situations,  I find being in a plane something somewhat special.  Believe it or not, during a flight I have really time to disconnect and catch up with my reading, turn of my phone, Ipad, etc.. During a short flight such as this one, I tend to just look out the window and think quietly to myself.  The view change so quickly that if you blink you miss it.  As a designer I'm always aware of my surroundings.   You can see in the pictures below how easy it is to be inspired by such wonders of nature.  Now words necessary.

Dani K

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